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Well-being and happiness at work increase productivity

Well-being and happiness at work increase productivity

People today are looking for a workplace that will provide them health s happiness; This, in order to allow them to obtain the satisfaction of a full life. In this way, if the worker is relaxed and happy, his productivity increases by 80 percent, and the risk of occupational accidents increases. decreases up to 300%, I mentioned it Nancy Martinez CEO of live 13.5 degrees to NotiPress.

The foregoing, according to the “happiness and work” study conducted by the consultant growth sustainability. Likewise, people strive to be Values s a favour For your efforts According to 77% of employees, they confirm that they would feel more integrated in their work if their value was recognized.

That is, a workplace that values ​​and guarantees well-being and happiness From its cooperators generates an increase in productivity; Also drive and enthusiasm. In order for the company to achieve its goals, it needs the help of its most valuable capital and this capital Is it Human; It is part of your corporate image.

According to a survey conducted by HAYS the ambient the work Fellowship represents 47% of the most important causes of well-being and happiness, which in turn increases productivity. In this way, there are some essential characteristics of maximum capacity development for organizations that implement these concepts.

Thus the first property that generates luxury and happiness In action is getting Material s equipment What is required to carry out the required activities. Likewise, provide the opportunity to do the right activities as per abilities and competencies from every person.

Recognizing and appreciating employees is essential to developing well-being and happiness at work. Therefore, the Listen Energetic; Communicate company goals through mission and vision; Healthy relationships, trust and friendship.

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Finally, opportunities for growth, motivation, and ongoing training increase productivity on the part of employees. In this way, happiness and well-being at work is important because it affects productivity affiliate Businessin effect with the team and in customer experience.

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