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“We have to play a different game. In football, anything can happen.”

“We have to play a different game. In football, anything can happen.”


Very sad that the result was touched by the Mexican coach of Real Spain, Raul “Potro” Gutierrez, He appeared at the press conference, where he stated that he would seek to raise the team in team spirit to search for a return, which he said there is nothing written about it yet.

The strategist explained the issue of the absence of the striker and the Argentine goal Ramiro RocaWho can not be out of the game because of a health problem. She hopes to count on him in the final in Morazán de San Pedro Sula next Thursday.

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Removable result: “I think football is very volatile in every respect; we saw that they took advantage of the position as well as the conditions that were in place. We played a very disconnected game and then the next game will be more complicated, we have to figure out the expenses but nothing is final. They say the score is 2. -0 is the most misleading result and I don’t share it, but because of the somersault positions that were said. We have to stand up, play a different game, show the Real Spain crest on our chest as we should and defend it as we should. The match will be another encounter, complicated but it’s football and can anything to happen.”

Reasons to see a team without encouragement: “It’s hard to tell that the breakup begins with the initiative of the game, the shock of the match, and the opponent who of course did their job to not allow contact. I’m convinced the team stopped doing many of the things it was a model for, showing the structure while playing. When you come you train in shape and in A match that changes, what goes out today comes out. You have to bring the players back into harmony and stick to them. It’s hard to explain what happened because you have to talk to them.”

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Ramiro Roca’s health: “These are the circumstances that come to you at the worst of times. We had three cold players and Ramiro Roca was one of them, and he was the one who got sick the most. Fortunately, they tested for COVID-19 and came back negative. The others were Kevin Alvarez and Carlos Garcia, Which forced us to give another touch to the starting line-up. The team was playing with Darikson on the outside and with Ramiro and Omar Rozas on the inside, when that change happened we weren’t productive.”

This is how you raise the plant: “One has life advice, that when you get lost you have to go back to basics and this is the situation that always gives results. You have to remind them that today’s match was no performance, you can take it with the other teams and not against Olympia and in the final; then we pay the bill. These are matches. It’s very competitive and a high level of attention is needed that we didn’t have.”

Mental strength for advancement: “They better do it! (laughs) These are circumstances, the team is growing on the mental side and we will simply go to those letters and rebuild the number the team had. When you want to do something different that works for you, you do this. There is a missing game, this is football. Anything can happen.”