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Watch all LIDOM games on MLB.TV

Watch all LIDOM games on MLB.TV

The World Championships isn’t the only baseball game you can watch today. Even when you’re done with Fall Classic, you can still enjoy the sport.

The Dominican Republic Professional Baseball League has arrived on MLB.TV and fans will be able to watch all the matches live, without blackout restrictions.

LIDOM games will be available to all MLB.TV subscribers on all supported devices worldwide. Fans will be able to watch regular season and post-season matches.

You can watch the games on the MLB app or online via MLB.com/es/TV. To follow LIDOM during the World Championships, go to the “Featured on MLB.TV” section. You can watch the broadcast schedule for the 2021 season of LIDOM Here.

Dominican Winter League commitments are included in the MLB.TV post-season package. After the World Championships, you’ll be part of the Offseason package, which starts at $24.99.

The Posteason and Offseason packages also include all MLB.TV on-demand content and the full game archives for the entire 2021 season and Spring 2022 training fixtures.

LIDOM matches will be broadcast exclusively in Spanish and will only be available live and will not be archived. There will be broadcasts on TV, but not on the radio.

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