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Valdez Albizu recuerda a LF que las estadísticas del BC están avaladas por el Fondo

Waltz Albizu, PC Statistics Reminds LF of Funded Approval

Santo Domingo, R.D.

Governor of the Central Bank, Hector Waltz Albizu, Former President Lionel Fernandez has recalled that the central bank is responsible for compiling Peruvian economic figures. It is recognized by international organizations that dictate ideological and methodological guidelines for the compilation of statistics, such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the United Nations (INO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO). Among other things ..

He reiterated that the Dominican economy had exceeded growth expectations, A 13.3% increase in GDP in January-June 2021, in line with forecasts made by analysts of some international banks and foreign investment funds, such as Bank of America.

“In fact, using the improved growth forecast, By the end of 2021, real GDP will be about 3.0% higher than in 2019 (pre-epidemic). This is ten times higher than the 0.3% pointed out by the former president, a real achievement in dealing with a historic health crisis, ”said Waltz Albizu.

The governor said Some countries in the region will recover their pre-Govt-19 operating levels in just twelve months, Will be in the case of the Dominican Republic.

This Monday, former President Lionel Fernandez, the leader of the opposition in Fuerza del Pueblo, said that the economic forecast figures provided to the country by the central bank were due to relative growth and a statistical recovery that did not reflect what was really happening in Dominican homes.

Fernandez questioned Growth in public debt, high inflation and economic recovery Because, in his opinion, “we are still in the process of recovering what we achieved before the epidemic.”

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He noted that the level of economic activity for the January-June 2021 semester was 3.7% higher than the same period in 2019.

“This decision is very significant and should be hailed as a credible indication of the downturn in the Dominican economy, which once again shows how it knows how to emerge from times of crisis to regain the position of regional leadership in terms of growth.” he said ..

No such hopping
Responding to Fernandez’s statement that the recovery of the Dominican economy is creating a statistical recovery, Valdஸ்s Albiz reminded the former president, “The central bank has held at least three press conferences in which it has provided training on the best international practices, following the best international practices.

He explained that the PCRT sought to properly isolate the statistical impact of the health crisis by changing the comparative base in 2020, to avoid misinterpretations and to better appreciate the scale of the economic recovery.

If this prediction is fulfilled, The nominal GDP will be US $ 2021 in the same year, surpassing the pre-epidemic level., Thus reversing the decline in 2020 in one year.

“In fact, as indicated by the International Monetary Fund, the Dominican Republic is one of the first countries in the region to recover its per capita income,” he said.

Vaccines and Travel
The governor insisted The government is implementing one of the most successful vaccination processes in the regionIt has been recognized by international organizations as having vaccinated more than 54% of the total population with the first dose and 44% with the complete vaccine profile.

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He also pointed out the work done in the tourism sector, which reflects the 61% growth in tourist arrivals.

Waltz Albizu is in the process of updating and continuously improving the BCRD statistical products, its publication being at its forefront, leading and always following the latest rules in force in this regard.

The governor pointed out that, like the Dominican Republic, some countries in the region would be able to restore their pre-Kovit-19 operational status in just twelve months.

Growth 10%
Waltz Albizu said the expectation of annual growth at the end of 2021 will be in double digits, i.e. 10% or more.