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Walmart has announced that it is closing hundreds of stores in the United States

Walmart has announced that it is closing hundreds of stores in the United States

The bad news has already spread across the world in many media outlets. Walmart, the luxury retailer, has announced the closure of hundreds of locations in the United States.The difficult decision was made following the negative effects of Hurricane Ian as it crossed the country, particularly in Florida. As the weather cleared, Walmart revealed its next steps after the tropical event.

The business will accept donations from its customers to help increase its impact. It aims to match donations made by customers to their cash register.

As of now, $6 million is already available to provide relief and assistance to customers, Walmart ruled.

In turn, its directors indicated that they are working daily with state authorities to provide emergency services to communities most affected by Ian.

Stores were closed in other US cities

Only Florida closed its shopping centers before and after the hurricane. Hundreds of shops have already closed their doors in other parts of the country.

For example, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina are now out of Walmart products. They are also without service to the public, along with others in Tampa and Orlando, Florida.

Walmart executives recalled that their centers offer free screenings for illness or injury. The press release also points out how it supports Ian’s post-traumatic recovery.

For now, the purpose of such a decision to close Walmart stores is unknown. Now, the retail giant has the budget and resources to help neighbors who were most “touched” by the ravages of the tropical cyclone.

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