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Viral video of Sasha, Shakira's youngest son, amid his parents' separation

Viral video of Sasha, Shakira’s youngest son, amid his parents’ separation

Colombian singer lovers Shakira The 45-year-old wants to be as close as possible to his idol in this difficult time he is going through. The actress is still in the midst of negotiations with her ex-husband Gerrard Pique They have custody of their children Milan and Sasha, but they have not yet reached a verdict.

Yes good Shakira He has the idea of ​​going to live in Miami with his kids, and he still has a routine with them in Barcelona even though he no longer lives under the same roof like Gerrard Pique. The fact is that every time the singer goes out into the street, she causes quite a stir and thousands of fans want to welcome her, send her positive vibes and take a photo with her.