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Viral |  A woman who lost it on a trip through the mountains a year ago has reunited with her stuffed animal |  USA |  Stories |  Nnda nni |  Off site

Viral | A woman who lost it on a trip through the mountains a year ago has reunited with her stuffed animal | USA | Stories | Nnda nni | Off site

A 6-year-old girl from Wyoming, USA, thinks she has lost her stuffed animal that came with her everywhere after being adopted from an orphanage in Ethiopia, and forgot about it when she visited the national park last year. Glaciers, in the state of Montana. Little Naomi’s unique story is going viral on the networks.

Their parents and relatives were involved in the effort They started a campaign Try to retrieve little Naomi Pascal’s teddy bear through Facebook and many other social networks. And they succeeded.

Thanks to the sharp vision of a Montana State Reserve Ranger, he was touched by the story of the little girl and her bear, and the hiking trail was closed due to the activity of the brown bear. Let Teddy come back Jackson, in the hands of a little girl in Wyoming.

“It’s a story of trust and benefit and people working together. Took place in the minds of the people. It gave them hope. It made them realize that there is good in the world, and I believe it exists.The girl’s father, Ben Pascal, explained.

Teddy Bear got lost in the park

Little Naomi has a special value because she is called ‘Teddy’, Teddy That is the first gift Ben and his wife Audi Pascal sent him away before they decided to adopt him in 2016. Since then, she has accompanied him on family trips to Ethiopia, Rwanda, Croatia and Greece.

In October 2020, the family went on vacation to Montana. But one night, as they were returning from a picnic, they realized that ‘Teddy’ was gone. Heavy snow that night Attempts to locate the toy were thwarted by the familySo he sent a letter to the park officials believing that someone would deliver the teddy bear to the office that was lost and found.

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‘Teddy’ was discovered shortly afterwards by Ranger Tom Massarisi, partially damaged by inclement weather, sitting in the rubble of melted ice near a damp, hidden lake path, but he did not appear to be wanted. “Generally, non-monetary items are thrown away”, Mazzarisi revealed . But somehow she did not let him.

Little Naomi reunited with her favorite stuffed animal after losing it on the Montana Glacier a year ago. (Photo: Terry Hayden | Ben Pascal)

A few months later, Ranger decided to put it on the dashboard of his patrol vehicle, which looked like a pet.

Last June, Naomi’s mother Posted on Facebook A Mail To find your daughter’s stuffed animal: “She has been a support to him on many occasions. But there are still many adventures to live by.

Immediately, the news went viral and received dozens of comments from internet users predicting a happy outcome, with some offering teddy bears instead of teddy bears. But ‘Teddy’ was irreplaceable, so a family friend named Terry Hayden decided to return to the national park in September. Path areas Where to find the toy.

Naomi reunites with her teddy bear

“I am a confident woman. That morning I said, ‘Well Lord, if this bear is near, please put him in my way and let him go home today.’The woman explained. That is what happened that day. Hayden and her daughter-in-law spotted a bear on Ranger patrol. He sent a photo to Ben Pascal, and the news was immediately confirmed: it was bear ‘Teddy’.

It was Massarissi’s free day and his patrol car was closed. But Hayden spoke to the other rangers, who quickly opened the vehicle They returned the bear. Hayden sent the bear to Naomi, who was happy to be reunited with ‘Teddy’. At the same time, Terry bought another teddy bear for the Park Ranger, which will travel in his truck next spring.