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Villa Clara APK will use a ticket to sell fuel

Due to the low availability of petrol in the territory, the local government in Villa Clara has recently taken some measures. To do this, the limited sale of fuel to vehicle owners has been enabled on the ticket platform.As specified in the citizen portal “I Villa Clara”, the decision is based on the intention to achieve fair distribution of fuel.

The local government explains that these measures are being implemented to prioritize essential services for residents. Among them are medical emergencies, obituary services, ambulances, dialysis, ETECSA and the electric company, depending on the breakdown.

It is known by the local government that more than 21,000 private vehicles in the province consume petrol. For this reason, fuel will be sold daily to this sector in line with the availability that exists in each municipality in the county.

For its part, Ticket will be the platform responsible for controlling the sale. In other words, by registering on the platform, users will be able to access one of the municipal service centers for this purpose.

However, they will only be able to buy in the places where they are registered, although they can register in the municipality they see, regardless of where they live.

So far, distribution will have a 30-day cycle, which can vary according to fuel availability in the province.

What specifics will this procedure for purchasing fuel have?

Customers must present themselves at the service center with the required documents: identity card and loan. In addition, this data must correspond to the registration data on the ticket platform.

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Another measure is banning the sale of fuel in containers, or depositing in another type of unregistered vehicle.

In this sense, the amount of fuel to be marketed per day will be determined according to the availability present in the service centers. There will be no actual waiting list, because the platform notifies the user of the day the purchase is approved through a notification.

In addition, sales service will be carried out in service centers for this purpose from 8 am to 12 pm.

By registering on the platform, the user will decide what type of fuel he wants to purchase. So far there are only two possibilities: the engine and the B-90.”

In addition, the platform will start operating from Friday, April 28th and only five liters of petrol will be sold for engines and 20 liters for cars and jeeps. Sales will start on Saturday at all service centers where fuel is available.