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Cazzu y Christian Nodal

Video: What operation did Christian Nodal undergo to remove tattoos?

mexican singer Christian Nodal He caused a stir on social media by uploading a story on his official account on Instagram where he can be seen without many tattoos on the face that distinguished him for a few months, especially after his separation from Belinda, during which this period increased.

Later, he was seen holding the hand of rapper Cazzu at the Gardel Awards ceremony held in Argentina, where he did not have tattoos again on his face. Given this, Doubts about whether he had laser tattoo removal started spreading among his fansAnd many of them were happy to see the singer as in his beginnings.

However, some haters asserted that “Nodal looked like marzipan,” which is the conclusion that he abused makeup to hide his tattoo. Meanwhile, a video surfaced revealing the truth and proving the rumors true. Because the way Christian Nodal managed to cover his face tattoos was with makeup.

And although the whole process is unobservable, it is concluded that the hours of work covering tattoos were arduous. Well, although there are high coverage makeup bases that allow tattoos to be covered, they need to be closed properly so that sweat does not cause the covered ink to appear again.

In any case, It is clear that the entertainment press and even his fans of the representative of the Mexican territory wrote on social media that they naturally missed seeing him. And this, in fact, looks better without a tattoo on his face.

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