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Lucía Méndez y Laura Bozzo

Video: Lucia Mendes breaks the silence and responds to Laura Pozzo’s attacks

Although it is part offamous housePeruvian Laura Pozzois still involved in scandal with various stars, as was the case with Lucia Mendeswith whom South America tried to engage in a vigorous exchange of letters that did not go unnoticed, attracting the attention of the entertainment media.

The two TV stars have gained the admiration of millions of followers thanks to the outstanding collaboration they have done over many years; The first as a host and the second as an actress and singer.

In this sense, netizens were surprised after the celebrity got involved in a vigorous debate that did not go unnoticed, unleashing endless speculation about the onset of the alleged rivalry.

That is, for a few weeks, Laura Pozzo in the eye of the hurricane because of the controversial statements she made As a participant in the second season of La Casa de los Famosos.

One of the most controversial issues was when the presenter asserted that Lucia Mendes “disfigured” her face, unlike Veronica Castro. Which continues the beauty that accompanied her throughout her career.

The statements did not go unnoticed by the heroine of series such as “Three Times Sophia” and “Golby Bago”, who hinted that Laura Pozzo He had to first see himself in the mirror to make these statements against him, in addition to the fact that Mendez is a star not only on television but also in cinema internationally, unlike Peru.

“I just tell my companion that I have always defended her all my life and that she sees me that I have nothing and I think that when she said that she was in front of a mirror seeing herself.”

Lucia Mendes

Finally, Lucia Mendes said that she does not watch the reality show, but if she had supported Laura Pozzo before, she definitely wouldn’t; And he ended the argument bluntly: “I didn’t like him.”

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