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Ana Bárbara.

Video: Anna Barbara is left without a skirt and reveals more of her acting personality at a full concert

mexican singer Anna Barbara She has become the Queen of Grupera and is in turn the most famous in the artistic community because her music has become a regular choice for all those who enjoy Mexican regional music, which is why whenever they get the chance, fans of Interpreter meet at their live events.

On this occasion, the famous 20-year-old Academy judge had a flaw in her wardrobe, because she wanted to give an amazing concert, she made sure to attend to any details of her outfit, butLooks like no one secured the skirts he used, and this skirt played a trick on him by untied it He left her with only part of her clothes.

“wait for me a little bit”can be heard in the video that went viral on social networks in which it is noted how a large part of her team immediately comes to her aid, They put on the dress again and the concert kept screaming from the people in the front rows They saw firsthand everything that happened.

This is not the first time that the 50-year-old singer from San Luis Potosi has had some accidents, In the earlier moments she had setbacks in her wardrobe, she also had problems with her dresses, neckline and shoes.

The translator usually scoffs at “Bandido”, “Forbidden Fruit”, “I searched for it” and “that little one” and copes with the unfortunate things you are going through, So he uploaded some videos on his official accounts where his fans repeat the support they have always given him.

Anna Barbara is one of the judges for Radio 2022 from “La Academia”her post was well received by viewers who admired the singer’s meticulous criticism, and are also aware of her participation and comments.

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