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VIDEO: Afghan man taps plane wing as he tries to escape Taliban

VIDEO: Afghan man taps plane wing as he tries to escape Taliban

In the photos, many civilians are seen risking their lives when the plane is about to take off and without any kind of security.

An Afghan civilian filmed a video as he was traveling in the fuselage of an airplane trying to escape from the Taliban. The clip that caused uproar shows another of the shocking images that have spread around the world about the crisis in the Asian country.

The unidentified man appears on the wing of the plane and puts his life in danger when the plane is about to take off, and there are many people with him who salute those who remain on the runway without being able to board. They don’t seem to be clinging or holding anything to protect them from the impending fall.

On Monday, a photo with more than 600 Afghans aboard a US military plane shocked the world. The photo shows how children and adults desperately left Kabul, fearing the Taliban who had seized power in the country.

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This video shows a new angle of the horrific images of thousands of civilians trying to board any plane that will take them out of the country after the Taliban enter Afghanistan. Images of an illustrative, non-commercial nature / Courtesy https://twitter.com/entre_guerras_/status/1427615298686013440

This August 15 flight is believed to have nearly set the record for the most people piloted a C-17, a military cargo plane operated by the US state and its allies for nearly three decades. Infobay said the ship is already designed to carry 150 comfortably seated passengers.

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Although the military aircraft did not intend to exceed its carrying capacity, the terrified Afghans who had been allowed to evacuate quickly began to climb as soon as they noticed the plane’s semi-open ramp.

And the Taliban announced, on Tuesday, a general amnesty for all Afghan officials, and urged them to return to normal work, two days after they took power.

And the Taliban announced in a statement, “A general amnesty has been issued to all (…) so they should resume their daily lives with complete confidence.”

Since they entered Kabul on Sunday, after a very quick attack that in just 10 days put them in control of almost the entire country and caused President Ashraf Ghani to flee, the Taliban have doubled down on their reassuring gestures.

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On this Tuesday, life slowly resumed in Kabul, many shops reopened, traffic was jammed again and there were people on the streets.