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Victory with the taste of ascension  Victoria defeats Atletico Benares in the first leg of the final - Diez

Victory with the taste of ascension Victoria defeats Atletico Benares in the first leg of the final – Diez

Atletico Benares and Victoria They gave us a massive battle in the first final match of Ascenso del Torneo Clausura League 2021 Finally resulting in a 0-2 victory for SEBA on the field John F. Kennedy Stadium in Oaktepec.

The party dictated Carlos “Chato” Padilla’s “Jaiba Brava” as the best player, and that’s how it ended, however, Atlético Pinares led by Fernando Lopez, they didn’t make things easy for him in a unique environment with a heavy rain storm in match periods) The presence of the audience in the stands.

– Target turned towards victory –

The first half brought a lot of emotions, but the most notable happened in the 16th minute with a play by Victoria that sparked controversy. Refree Hector Rodriguez He disallowed a controversial goal, for offside.

For the rest of the first half, Benares repeatedly put Victoria in trouble, but the Colombian goalkeeper, Willian Robledo SHe wore the hero’s robe with great saves.

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The second half of the game brought with it another story. Advance jaibos on the scoreboard with Dorvin Sanchez (57) And then in conclusion Josemar Maradiaga (93) to referee the match.

How will the series be defined?

With this result – a two-goal advantage – it is enough for Victoria to draw in the return leg at home. However, a 2-0 win by Atlético Benares would equal the overall score, forcing the match to be extended, even to a penalty shootout.

The return match will be next Saturday, June 12, at Seba’s headquarters at 2:30 pm, a scenario that became a real fortress for the “Chateau” Padilla team after eliminating Real Juventud, and Olancho was crowned champion before. origin.

A minute-by-minute review of ATLÉTICO PINARES VS VICTORIA!

Finish the match! Sports Benares Lost 0-2 at home to Victoria, with two goals from them Dorvin Sanchez and Josemar Maradiaga.

93 at least GOOOOOOOOLLLL! Josemar Maradiaga He scored 2-0 for Victoria against Benares Sports. Dribble the attacker into the home defense and select his left hand to end the match.

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90 minutes. Add three more minutes!

88 minutes change in victory! Alfredo Maradiaga enters and Durvin Sánchez . leaves

Min 86´: ¡Ufff! Sports Benares suffer from it! He loses a clear goal chance against Victoria. His shot ends a few inches away from the goal Willian Robledo.

85th minute: Edwin Alvarez lost the ball before the goal of Jesus Enriquez.

80′ minute: Victoria continues to defeat Atletico Benares 1-0 in the first leg of the 2021 Clausura promotion final.

Minimum 70: Change in Victory! Enter Edwin Alvarez and Marcelo Espinal. They are gone. Pedro Hernandez and Walter Chavez.

Minimum 67: Change in Atletico Benares! Nelson Marin and Eder Mendes left. Join Luther Leno and Edgar Troches

Minimum 66: Amazing save by Willian Robledo, dangerous shot by Kevin Lopez!

Min 58´: It was saved! Victoria failed to pick a clear target from Pedro Hernandez. His head ends wide.

Dorvin Sanchez celebrates his result against Atlético Benares. Photo: Edwin Romero.

Accurate. 57 goooooool! He scored the victory with Dorvin Sanchez after the help of Alexis Vega. Seba striker set his right on the far post.

Minimum 53: Amazing! Victoria defender Marlon Flores sweeps away to avoid dangerous play by Atletico Benares in attack.

Minimum 50: Infringement! Pedro Hernandez (Victoria) missed Vicente Solorzano. Willian Robledo remains with the ball after a header from Benares in the area.

Minimum 48: Perverted auction! A powerful shot from Eder Mendes to try to surprise Willian Robledo.

The party resumes in Okotepec!

The end of the first half: Atletico Benares and Victoria continue to tie 0-0 on the field John F. Kennedy in the final leg.

Minute 44. He missed it! Atletico Benares failed to score a clear goal with Sylvin Tinoco as champion.

Minimum 40: ¡Heavy rain at John F. Kennedy. The playing field begins to take hold.

Change in Atletico Benares. Chilton Arzo leaves and Casey Ramos enters

Minimum 34: Wrong! A dangerous free kick for Atletico Benares. Carlos Palacios misses Eder Mendes.

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Minimum 32: New rain has begun at John F. Kennedy Stadium in Ookotbeek

At least 28 minutes of aggression! Defender Giovanni Casello (Benares) pushed Victoria forward Dorvin Sanchez. The referee did not decide to be careful.

An aerial duel between players from Victoria and Atletico Benares.

Minimum 26: ¡Ufff! Hector Cruz’s long-range shot deflected from Willian Robledo’s goal.

Minimum 23°C Victoria’s first corner kick! Alexis Vega charges the stadium. Pedro Rodriguez rises in the background, but ends wide.

Minimum 19: ¡Free shot! Eder Méndez (Pinares) is located a few meters from the area due to the lack of Kenny Bowden (Victoria)

Minimum 16: Target canceled! Victoria striker Dorvin Sanchez scored after a clear collective display by Cebinos from the left flank. The referee is intent on punishing offside, tight!

Minimum 13: Atlético Benares saved! Walter Chavez ends up inside the area. His shot was wide but very close to the vertical stick.

Dorvin Sanchez in a strong confrontation with Vicente Solorzano.

Min 07: ¡Victoria is saved! Danger in the attack of Atletico Benares. Test Lopez Willian Robledo from a long distance. The ball passed over the goal.

Minimum 06: Offside! Alexis Vega filters depth for Kenny Bowden. The referee approves the play.

Minimum 05´: Free kick for Victoria. Carlos Palacios puts the ball to play on the right wing.

Minimum 02´: The first dangerous arrival of Atletico Benares. It is the team closest to Victoria’s goal.

Start the match! The ball moves into John F. Kennedy de Ocotepeque’s court.

2:50 pm: Sing the national anthem of Honduras!

2:35 pm: Beautiful football moment! Coaches Carlos Padilla and Fernando Lopez hugged each other before the match started.

A hug between coaches Carlos Padilla and Fernando Lopez.

2:25 pm: Lots of beauty in the stands!

The beautiful girls who graced the John F. Kennedy. Photo: Nepali Romero.

2:22 PM: Atletico Benares and Victoria jump to warm up before the match.

A view of the stadium standing in the presence of the fans. Photo: Nepali Romero.

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Direct from DIEZ from Ocotepeque:

2:12 pm: Fans begin to crowd the stands at John F. Kennedy Stadium.

Eleventh of Victoria: Willian Robledo (goalkeeper), Kenny Boden, Carlos Palacios, Alexis Vega, Pedro Hernandez, Damien Ramirez, Dorvin Sanchez, Edgar Cabrera, Kelly Centeno, Marlon Flores and Walter Chavez.

2:03 PM: Pinares coach, Fernando Lopez, appears registered as a kinetic scientist and not as a coach of the club, his place is Oscar Padilla

Eleventh from Atletico Benares: Jesus Hernandez, Vicente Solorzano, Ronal Varela, Giovanni Castillo, Kevin Lopez, Sylvin Tinoco, Hector Cruz, Nelson Marin, Eder Mendes, Juan Arizala, Shalton Arzo
Fernando Lopez

1:47 PM: Referee Hector Rodriguez confirmed that the match would be played despite the fact that the audience’s entry had not been contemplated.

This is how Victoria arrived at John F. Kennedy Stadium. Nepali Romero’s photo.

1:45 pm: Fans continue to enter the Ocotepeque stadium and draw a large crowd supporting the local team.

1:37 PM: The match commissioner confirmed that he did not know that the match would be held with the fans, as the stands were filled with fans and the gates were open.

This is what the Ocotepeque stadium looks like, it was announced that there is no audience, but it is looking for a huge audience.

1:30 PM: Atlético Benares and Victoria are already in the dressing rooms at John F. Kennedy Stadium in the city of Okoyebaek.

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– back game –

The party that will determine his newly promoted National League It will be held next Sunday, June 12th at Siba. Victoria you will receive Benares in its headquarters. The winner will replace Real de Minas On section One.

Match sheet:

Atletico Benares vs Victoriaريس
– Saturday. 3 o’clock
John F. Stadium Kennedy