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Victims of the Miami-Tate landslide will get at least $ 150 million

Victims of the Miami-Tate landslide will get at least $ 150 million

Miami, USA

The Victims and relatives of 97 dead For him The collapse of a residential building on the Surface, In South Florida (USA), initially receiving $ 150 million in compensation, a Miami judge said Wednesday.

The Judge Michael Hansman An investigation indicated that the sum would arise from the pre-sale of Sampline Towers South insurance premium and 12-storey condominium set-up land, which collapsed at dawn on June 24. The matter of the federal investigation.

Hansman stressed that the rights of victims would be protected during the trial, noting that the statistics did not mention the results of the multi-class action cases filed after the incident. 97 people died, 95 of them have been identified by local authorities. The judge said that if the victims and family members wanted, all of those complaints could be prosecuted in a class action and cover all of the victims.

Lee: They find some “treasures” buried in the rubble of the Miami-Tate building

On the same Wednesday, several South Florida media outlets realized that the site, which until recently had been littered with debris and bodyguards, was now practically clean and clear.

Hansman appointed attorney Michael Goldberg To handle the funds of the condo built in 1981, today’s investigation confirmed that the area was litter-free, and the process was overseen by the National Standards and Technology Institute (NIDS), the agency leading the federal investigation into the collapse.

Remains of the building he further stated Key Evidence for NITS Research, Its final report may take several years, as well as judicial proceedings.

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What else: Another building in Miami-Dat was evacuated after the roof partially collapsed

Authorities say 22 million pounds (about 10,000 tons) of debris has been removed from the site since the building collapsed. L Sampline Towers South It was in the middle of a renovation process – a study of structures and electricity required by law since it was a 40-year-old building – when it collapsed at midnight and its occupants were asleep.

Three years ago, an engineering firm’s report warned of serious structural problems in the building that deserved urgent attention.

The Future of the Ground

The court hearing also helped the victims, relatives and owners of more than 130 apartments that had condominiums to express their views on what to do with the land worth about $ 100 million.

Some people want a new condominium to be built on the site It could be resettled, and others did not accept it, but instead proposed that a monument be built on the site.

Some pointed out that the two options were compatible and that a new residential building could be erected on the land, on the beach, while at the same time a memorial could be erected to pay tribute to the victims and victims. “A lot of people think they want to get their house back,” he said AUDIENCE ORAN SIDRINBAM.

Further: Lifeguard finds his daughter’s body in the rubble of a collapsed building in Miami-Tate

This Sampling Towers South apartment is owned by “Considering the prices of houses, especially the property facing the sea, it is” impossible “for many people today to have a property like the one in condominium,” he said.

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The magistrate pointed out that all options should be taken into account, but not letting time pass considering the fact that the victims need monetary compensation to rebuild their lives.

In addition to the Americans, Argentina, Cuba, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Paraguayan and Israelis were among the victims. The last identified body was that of Theresa Velasquez, 36, whose body was exhumed July 8 from the rubble.