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Vice President Jose Francisco Lopez Chavez is in critical condition

Vice President Jose Francisco Lopez Chavez is in critical condition

He is being treated in the intensive care unit in this city Heart attack Vice of the State of Wolverhampton Modern Revolutionary Party, Jose Francisco Lopez Chavez.

According to a source close to the legislator, he was last diagnosed with leukemia in 2021, so he had to travel several times to the United States for medical treatment. Then he returned. The country in which in recent months he has been limited in his work as a legislator and politician due to his health.

He is currently a Medical Center Of this city SantiagoAfter heart failure, he was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) of a clinic from Saturday night.

Rumors circulating on social media indicate that the deputy was pronounced dead Sunday afternoon, however, Diorio Libre explained that the evidence linked to the device attached to his body kept him alive.

Ill health since last year

In July 2021, the Vice-Chancellor issued a statement in which he stated that he had received post-Covit-19 treatment and had been discharged in the United States:

“We are pleased to announce that we have already been discharged by the physicians who have assisted us in the United States. We are forever grateful to God who has blessed us with health and happiness with my family and friends during these difficult times.

As always done to my province and country, on the orders of our doctors, with strict care, we will continue in the future that can keep us healthy and serve … Thank you all for praying for our health. Lopez explained in a statement.