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Veterinaria, Medicina y Psicología atraen la demanda de estudiantes en la UCO

Veterinary medicine, medicine and psychology attract student demand at UCO

Students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in one of their classes at the Rabanales Campus. | AJGONZÁLEZ

Veterinary, Medicine, Psychology, and Nursing degrees They are the ones who of course after the course Receive more student requests to study in their classroom, which is the statistics of University of Cordoba They reflect that in the past nine years, since the 2011-12 school year, health sciences majors have increased their student numbers by 153%.

According to data from the UCO Transparency Portal, referring to Last year, 2020-21. – The university has not yet been able to provide the data for the current course – taking into account the requests received in the first option, vet taking the cake, With 626% more requests than places offered. In other words, they received 1,090 first-choice applications for 150 places, and in the end, 138 students were registered who did not fill the quota. The same happens with the medical degree, with a demand of 365 percent at most, 605 applications received for 130 places in the first prize, which came to 5,924 in total, and finally enrolling 117 students. Psychology is another degree in high demand with 62 places, and very few 281 students applied for it as a first choice and 2,646 in total, with 60 students enrolled. Physiotherapy and Nursing are two other degrees in the field of health that are also in great demand and both coincide in maintaining the highest cut-off marks.

Legal and Social Sciences

Despite this, the field of legal and social sciences is that Employs more students at UCO, Year after year, due to the fact that the number of places available is greater, although since the 2011-12 school year it has only seen a growth of 55.2%, compared to the return of the arts and humanities, resulting in an increase in the number of 9-year-olds by 152.27%.

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Law, at 180, and primary education, 195, are the races with the largest bid, both exceeding orders equally. In the opposite block there are other degrees that do not cover the places shown by a large margin. It includes several engineering degrees, such as the combined itinerary in Energy Resources Engineering and a degree in Electrical Engineering, at Belmez Polytechnic, which received only 4 applications for its 10 places and only 3 were registered. Or a degree in fertilization science as well. With 10 places and 4 applications in the first option, which later reached 107. In total, 3,890 places were offered last year and 2,978 students were registered, leaving 912 vacancies. In this 2021-22 academic year, the University of Cordoba received a total of 5,534 applications for 3,844 places offered.

Students give grades to grades

Undergraduate students of the University of Cordoba give an average of 3.72 out of 5 in terms of satisfaction with regard to the expectations set forth in the degree, a marked average (7.44), which is outperformed by degrees such as physical therapy, with 4.20 or nursing, with 4.24, while, Surprisingly, other high-demand jobs, such as veterinary medicine, are not up to the average. This is evidenced by the Student Satisfaction Survey conducted within Quality Assurance Systems which appears on UCO’s Transparency Portal for the academic year 2020-21, in which a total of 913 surveys were taken.

When asked if projected expectations regarding the degree have been met, the most satisfied students are nursing (4.24) and physical therapy (4.20), above the university average, which also scores highly on other issues such as faculty infrastructure or Teaching support services such as a library, re-photographing, etc. Biochemistry, translation and interpretation also exceed E4, but the low, below average score given by students of veterinary or law, two of the most sought-after professions, is surprising. Thus, those for veterinary medicine, with 40 responding questionnaires (16% participation) award only an average of 2.95 in terms of expectations achieved by the title and the highest score they give is 3.63 for support services for teaching. Medical students raise eyebrows due to their high participation, with 141 questionnaires answered, which is 1,084.62% participation in the class. They give an average of 3.95 in terms of degree satisfaction, while law students only get a 3.17. In terms of engineering, industrial electronics gives 3.89 and computer engineering 3.44.

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On the question of whether the training you have received has prepared you sufficiently to pursue professions related to the degree, the overall GPA is 3.46, and the question of whether considering your experience and results achieved, would you recommend taking this degree to other persons interested in this field, average response At UCO it is 3.85. That is, the grades in general do not reach the distinguished mark, but the university graduates with a noticeable degree in terms of student satisfaction.

As for the master’s degree, 519 surveys were conducted among the students, and with an average satisfaction score of 3.41, it is also notable. As for whether the training they received adequately prepared them for degree-related careers, the average is 3.37 out of 5. Among the degree faculty, 1,275 surveys have been taken and the average overall degree satisfaction at UCO is 4.29.