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UTT invites students and institutions to participate in "Expo Ciencias Tlaxcala 2022"

UTT invites students and institutions to participate in “Expo Ciencias Tlaxcala 2022”

The University of Tlaxcala Technological (UTT) invites students and educational institutions to participate in the “Expo Ciencias Tlaxcala 2022” meeting to be held from October 5-7 this year, a program that belongs to the National Network of Youth Activities in Science and Technology and the International Movement for Scientific and Technical Recreation in America Latin (Milsetamlat), which aims to promote the participation of children and youth through scientific and technological research, innovation and publishing projects.

More than 100 projects in five categories are expected to participate in the Science Expo, which will be held at UTT facilities: Petit Scientific Gangs (pre-school children, first and second year of primary school), Children (children from third to sixth grade) of Primary), Juvenile (Secondary), Upper Intermediate (High School, High School or equivalent) and Superior (University or equivalent).

Participating fields are: exact and natural sciences, medicine and health, social and human sciences, engineering, agricultural and food sciences, folk sciences, environment, mechatronics, materials science, biology, computing and software.

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Educational institutions, as well as publishers and educators, can participate in the projects; Those interested must submit the following requirements: be a regular student enrolled in a government educational institution, submit a publication and innovation project, submit the project with one to three students and a consultant, and actively work on the project from an educational institution; Each team will be responsible for exposing and defending their project before the evaluation committee.

The projects with the highest score, not less than 85 percent, will be part of the delegation that will represent our state, accredited to participate in Expo Ciencias Nacional 2022, to be held from December 6 to 9 in San Luis Potosi, and the highest score will receive accreditation From Expo Ciencias Eureka 2023 Peru.

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The program, which is implemented at the state, national and international level, includes various activities such as: project exhibition, cultural, scientific and recreational visits. Workshops, animation and conferences.

Registration is open until September 23. For more information, see the page www.expociencias.uttlaxcala.edu.mx and in www.uttlaxcala.edu.mx Or on the phone number 247 4725307.

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