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Users outraged after discovering a "basic" flaw in the expensive iPhone 13

Users outraged after discovering a “basic” flaw in the expensive iPhone 13

One aspect of the new Apple phone has angered its traditional users Shutterstock – Shutterstock

A Reddit user discovered an issue with the iPhone 13 and shared it on the platform. The new model will have a drawback in relation to the previous mobile phones which worsen the usage experience.

According to what the anonymous person wrote on the platform, the new model represents a significant flaw in calls: it does not allow to configure the front microphone to isolate itself from the noise of the environment and clearly hear the voice of the person speaking .

“How can Apple remove this essential feature from the $2000 phone in 2021?” The user wrote, angry about the defective device. In the same vein, he continued to express his outrage at the company’s decision and commented on the difficulties encountered by the interlocutor on the call to hear about this situation.

iPhone 13 sold in Argentina from January

In addition, he stressed that it is not a minor problem of the cell phone despite its multiple functions, revealing that he initially thought his iPhone was the only one that had a factory error. After taking him to an official store to have it fixed, he found out that there is no problem with his device, and that, in fact, the model does not have an enable option to improve the sound quality.

In the case of the iPhone 12 and other previous models, to activate it, you had to go to the accessibility settings and select “Noise Cancellation”. When searching for this tool on the new device, it was found that it is no longer part of the list.

The response the user got when they contacted customer service was that they didn’t know if it was actually a hardware or software problem and that they were working on a fix. It is expected that in the coming weeks, Apple will be able to resolve this demand from its customers.

Accessibility settings menu on some iPhone models, where the “Noise Cancellation” option appears

At the moment, the problem keeps appearing after more than two months after the release of iOS 15.2 update and it seems to be going on for a while, as there is no solution in beta 15.3 as well.

According to Twitter user appletesterrus, some video calling apps like FaceTime have already added noise cancellation to correct this issue so that audio can be heard clearly.

However, in the event that you want to make a line call, there is no way to avoid noise pollution as on other models of the brand.

The iPhone 13, along with Apple’s new product line, was announced in mid-September and went on sale in the US during the last days of the same month.

In the case of its Pro Max version, it features four cameras on the back: one of them is a depth scanner. In the classic model, there are only two cameras.

Prices at launch ranged from $800 to $1,600. In Argentina, the equipment will be available from mid-January with a value ranging from 269,999 pesos (iPhone 13 128GB) to 534999 (iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB), MacStation retailer reported to LA NACION.

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