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US wants to discuss migration only, says Havana ambassador for bilateral talks

US wants to discuss migration only, says Havana ambassador for bilateral talks

Carlos Fernandez de Coscio, Cuba’s Deputy Foreign MinisterPromised Friday that for now Has only seen the option of United States From Conversation With your government MigrationNot about other topics.

A day after attending the first bilateral talks on migration in Washington in nearly four years, Fernandes de Gocio said there was little to distinguish between President Joe Biden’s Cuban policy and that of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

“In practical terms, we see almost no difference (between Biden and Trump).In light of the impact that US policy has on the daily lives of the Cuban people, “said Cuba’s Deputy Foreign Minister.

Fernandez de Gocio chaired the Cuban delegation during the bilateral talks. Immigration issuesIt should be held twice a year under the terms of bilateral agreements, but it has not taken place since July 2018 due to the reluctance of the Trump administration.

During the conversation, the Cuban ambassador was asked if he saw the United States’ interest in other aspects of bilateral relations, to which he did not.

“At the moment, it’s their preference to talk only about migration issues,” said Fernandez de Gocio, quoted by EFE.

Thursday’s talks on the U.S. side, chaired by Emily Mentrola, deputy secretary of state for the Western Hemisphere Affairs Office, ended without any progress.

Havana insisted His accusation is that Washington is promoting irregular runs Cuba called for compliance with bilateral agreements with the United States and on its “integrated and selective” migration, according to a statement issued Thursday by the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

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The Cuban government has accused the United States of failing to deliver on its promise to issue “no less than 20,000 annual visas to Cubans” in Havana to immigrate to North America, as agreed in 2017.

However, It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.. That factor, according to many analysts, was used by Havana as a mechanism for political pressure, while at the same time alleviating the growing discontent in the country.

At the end of Thursday’s meeting, according to the State Department, “The U.S. delegation highlighted areas of successful cooperation for migration, while at the same time identifying issues that hinder the achievement of the objectives of migration agreements. Participation in these talks underscores our commitment to engaging in constructive dialogue with the Cuban government at an appropriate time to advance US interests. These discussions reflect the first migration agreement talks between the United States and Cuba since 2018. “

“Let go Safe, legal and orderly migration between Cuba and the United States There is a mutual interest between the United States and Cuba and is in line with US interests in fostering family reunification and promoting greater respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in Cuba. “

As for immigration, the US Embassy in Cuba has announced that it will once again issue immigrant visas from Havana as part of a “gradual expansion” of embassy operations, in a “limited” manner and without a fixed deadline.

The Cuban government condemns the United States for failing to deliver on its commitment to visas. Washington denounces Havana deportation of Cubans since last October By commercial or charter flights from US territory.

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