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Uruguay defeats Ghana in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar;  Andre Ayew missed a penalty

Uruguay defeats Ghana in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar; Andre Ayew missed a penalty


57 ‘ Oops! Darwin Nunez falls in the area and the VAR calls the referee to review the play.

56 ‘ The game is clear for Uruguay, have the advantage and go against or with the ball for the strikers.

fifty’ Andre Ayew is the biggest villain in the game, the penalty kick he missed would have changed the history of this game a lot.

46 ‘ No changes recorded. We continue with the same 22 players we started with.

The second part has already been played between Uruguay and Ghana.

53 ‘The first part ends: Uruguay defeats Ghana in the Qatar World Cup 2022. The Uruguayan claw is in the round of 16 for professionals now.

48 ‘ Now in the ranking are Portugal (7), Uruguay (4), Ghana (3) and Korea (2).

four five’ They added eight minutes into the first half…

42 ‘ The Uruguay national team had not scored any goals in the World Cup, and today they started with two goals.

38 ‘ This was Rochet’s cover. The goalkeeper gave life to Uruguay and then doubled Jorgian de Arascaeta 2-0.

35 ‘ Ghana usually suffer from these gaps in matches and today they pay dearly for it against Uruguay. Classic African teams.

31 ‘ From ARRASCEETA! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL From Uruguay, the midfielder scored the second goal and Uruguay advance to the Round of 16.

26 ‘ Korea’s goal, the Asian team tied the game against Portugal.

25 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL From Uruguay, De Arrascaeta opened the scoring for the Uruguay national team, who are currently in the Round of 16.

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22 ‘ Ghana is saved! Darwin confronted him, but he was stung and Salisu took him out on the line.

twenty rochet! Andre Ayew misses the penalty kick against the Uruguayan goalkeeper and Charius breathes.

19 ‘ Yellow to Darwin Nunez for getting in trouble with the Ghanaian players.

17Punishment for Ghana! Life is complicated for Uruguay. The procedure under review is clear. Rocher locks Kudos.

16′ He is examining a possible penalty for Ghana for Rochette’s foul on Kodos.

10′ The tie remained, and the outlook is clear. Only victory serves Uruguay, and Ghana can settle for a draw to be in the round of 16.

5 ‘ The goal from Portugal, the Portuguese national team gives Uruguay more chances to qualify for the round of 16, to get rid of Korea.

4 ‘ Uruguay has the ball in these minutes.

The match begins, Uruguay is playing for life in the World Cup against Ghana!

Uruguay, the only team among the 32 teams in the World Cup Qatar 2022 that could not score goals, will come out with an offensive team on Friday against Ghana in search of the round of 16, with Luis Suarez, Facundo Pellestri. and Giorgian de Arrascaeta as the latest in the attack.

Suarez, a starter in the first match against South Korea (0-0), returned to 11 at the expense of Edinson Cavani, who started from the start in the 2-0 defeat against Portugal.

Pellestri also returns to the squad for the first match, while he is knocked out by Giorgian de Arascaeta in the last 11 for the first time in Qatar 2022.

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Captain Diego Godín and Matías Vecino fell from Diego Alonso’s preliminary squad.

In the Ghanaian team, which also aspires to qualify in Class H in which Portugal has already secured the pass, Inaki Williams and the Ayew brothers, Captain Andre and Jordan, start again as strikers.

Confirmed lineups:

Ghana: Ati Ziggy – Seydou, Amarte, Salisu, Baber Rahman – Barty, Abdul Samad, Kudus – Andre Ayew (hat), Williams, Jordan Ayew.

Coach: Otto Addo (GHA)

Uruguay: Rocher – Varela, Jimenez, Coates, Oliveira – Valverde, Bentancur, de Arascaita – Pelistri, Suarez (hat), Darwin Nunez

Coach: Diego Alonso (Uro)

Referee: Daniel Seibert (Germany)