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Urías message to Dodgers manager to get him out after 5 games against Padres in playoffs

Urías message to Dodgers manager to get him out after 5 games against Padres in playoffs


Julio Urreas’ first start to the MLB 2022 Qualifiers took 5 rounds and after the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Diego Padres, the Mexican bowler, sent a letter to manager Dave Roberts.

Dave Roberts and Julio Urias
© Getty ImagesDave Roberts and Julio Urias

Some criticize it and others praise it. The truth is Dave Roberts He was heading once Los Angeles Dodgers beat San Diego Padres 5-3 In Game 1 of the National League Series MLB 2022 Qualifiers. Julius Urea He had a message for his manager after he was pulled over after five runs.

Apparently, in this Roberts was right. Orias appeared to dominate the hill until the fifth inning of the Dodgers’ victory over the Padres on October 11, 2022. The bowler was born in Mexico managed to Mane Machado Don’t give him a hit after five innings without him being able to do so. until, Roberts himself tried to save Julio from escaping on his own land.

Everything was aimed Julius Urea He had at least six roles, but the change and curve stopped performing and they hit the house, So the manager Los Angeles Dodgers He decided to take out the Mexican shooter after the fifth game, with a score of 5 games to 3, in favor of the California franchise. The left bowler ended his performance after giving up four strokes and three runs, but he also hit six strokes and allowed no walks to take the win.

anyway Dave Roberts explains why he pulled Ureas after five games against San Diego Padres In Game One of the 2022 MLB Playoffs Division Series, Julio was honest and answered a press conference if he was ready for more innings after 79 stadiums at the Dodgers’ debut in Postseason.

Urías letter to the Dodgers manager to get him out vs. Padres at MLB Playoffs 2022

Julius Urea Highlighted “good job” From the Bulls game in the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-3 victory over San Diego Padres In the first game of the divisional series and when asked at a press conference if he still had more energy to continue playing after the fifth inning, the Mexican bowler sent a strong and clear message to Director Dave Roberts.

“Yeah, it’s postseason. Obviously, your adrenaline feels a lot better than the whole season. So, I feel like we have (for more tickets), but the truth is, as I’ve always said, I respect the director’s decisions and they do what they do for a reason. I’m happy, they’ve We won the match and the work that one of them did or the others did, I feel like they were part of the victory. The victory is what matters,” Julio Urillas concluded in a press conference.

* Watch the video from 2:10

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