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UPR students in Rio Piedras held a plenary session: “Enough virtual classrooms”

UPR students in Rio Piedras held a plenary session: “Enough virtual classrooms”

Students of Rio Piedras de la University of Puerto Rico The (UPR) is holding a public hearing next Tuesday, October 12, where they intend to discuss, among other things, the measure creating the Debt Settlement Plan Enabling Act.

Various groups from the Foundation summoned their companions at 5:00 pm at the Student Center on the Rio Piedras Campus.

Regarding this call, in the middle of the concert PJ without sole And Los Rivera DestinoHeld outdoors tonight, Thursday, a group of students climbed onto the podium holding a sign that read: “Let’s get back to the UPR.”

“(Project 1003) forces us to pay off a corrupt and illegal debt that we would never agree to and money that was never invested where it should be invested. However, it turns out that we have to pay it over the next 30 years with less education, less health, and less work. , and less rights. They stole our present and pawned our future.”, mentioned Alondra BelavalAccording to several videos posted on social media.

The young woman noted that cuts to the UPR budget for more than a decade have had the effect of “fewer teachers, fewer courses and departments, worse facilities, fewer scholarships for students, as if that weren’t enough, An increase in enrollment. He has left and will continue to leave thousands of students without the opportunity to study.”

“Currently, our campus only has 7% of face-to-face courses. We pay the highest credit in UPR history to take classes in our homes and it’s no coincidence. They don’t want us in the building. They want us scattered, they want us divided because it’s not appropriate for them to discuss, to talk about the problems we face as students.With enough virtual classes, we deserve safe, high-quality face-to-face lessons.”he added.

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Halfway through the message, the microphone the student was using stopped working. At that moment, the audience began chanting the popular slogan: “We are more and we are not afraid.”

Artist PJ Sin Suela later joined the students’ claim via a message on his Twitter account.

“Without U there is no PR. Accessible education for all. 11 attachments. If you are a student, join your university’s one-size-fits-all public session. #NoAlPC1003… #YoSinLaUPR wasn’t what I am today. I fell in love with learning And activism in my community thanks to the UPR. I wasn’t a doctor, I wasn’t a rapper, I wasn’t the same.#Solidarity The strength of the people is their university“, books.

In addition to, dolphin carabalu, represented before the Council of the University of Rio Piedras, urged the students to participate in the plenary session.

“We will participate in spaces for organizing and political education to save our university in Puerto Rico.”He expressed this in a video posted on the student media account on Instagram.

House Bill 1003 passed Wednesday night in Senate With the votes of 19 lawmakers from People’s Democratic Party and the New Progressive Party.

As the legislative article was approved with amendments, it has returned to ParliamentWhere the Legislative Council was expected to attend the session that was scheduled for Friday morning.

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However, the Speaker, Rafael “Tateto” Hernandez, stated that the action would not be addressed without the FSB guaranteeing in writing that it would comply with the agreements made, regarding zero reductions in pensions, $62 million for municipalities and resources for the UPR.