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Upload a photo of a sunny morning this Labor Day

Cuban Amelia Calzadilla He launched a challenge on Monday: he asked users on social networks to show how sunny and empty the streets of Cuba woke up this Labor Day.

New challenge: Download a sunny morning image from this May 1st from your corner. “Cerro, it’s 9:16 am,” said Calzadilla, who became famous for her criticism of the government last year.

in office, Many people have joined the challenge They showed how the streets of their cities and neighborhoods were awakened. Lots of sun all around, few cars and the streets are almost empty.

the Suspension of memorial activities for him Labor Day It was a government-dictated measure under the pretext of “climatic instability” in the country. On Monday, however, the sun came out in full force to warm the Cubans, who are taking it out on social media with laughter and sarcasm.

In the year 2023, in the midst of a severe energy crisis, with blackouts and a total shortage of fuel, the government It was suspended for the first time in more than six decadesFor economic reasons, the massive parades on Labor Day.

No such comment occurred even in the most difficult years of the Special Period.

by advertising Parades cancelledthe regime claimed that there was no fuel to guarantee mass rallies, and instead small memorial political rallies would be held in cities and towns.

However, on April 30 this year, the government postponed for Next Friday memorial activities International Workers’ Day blamed the action on an alleged “meteorological instability” which caused heavy rains in almost all parts of the country.

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What is hidden behind this continuous suspension of May Day activities is the impossibility of carrying out work of any kind due to There is no fuel in Cuba.

In several provinces, governments have not sold gasoline to the population for more than a week. the Fuel adhesives It extends all over the island and the solution will not come soon, according to the government itself.

Cuban ruler Miguel Diaz-Canel He said in April that his staff is not sure how they will be able to overcome the current crisis.