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University students return to the classroom: Science is the first to open the course, on September 12

University students return to the classroom: Science is the first to open the course, on September 12

University College of Science. / South

Students who join later are students of Fine Arts (October 3) and Commerce and Management (October 4)

Francisco Gutierrez

The summer vacation is over for the vast majority of the professors and staff of the University of Malaga and for their students. A few weeks later, lessons resume, after the second regular call exams in September, which will disappear from this course.

The college or school with the most advanced calendar is Science, which opens the course on September 12th. The students who join classes later are Fine Art students, for whom the new 2022/23 academic year won’t start until October 3, and Commerce and Management, the last to join, on October 4.

Between these two dates, the course is opened in all schools and colleges, although for the most part it is indicated that the academic activity begins in the last week of September, specifically on Monday the 26th. On that day the course begins in Communication Sciences, Economics, Business, Architecture and Faculty of Engineering Industrial, Law, Social Studies, Labor, Philosophy, Literature, Psychology, Speech Therapy, and Tourism.

In communications and informatics, lessons will begin on September 13, in educational sciences on September 19, and in health sciences and medicine on September 20.

“0 sessions” and transition

Some schools and colleges organize
Courses 0 for some subjects And in other transitional courses to university life and welcome days.

The Higher Technical School of Computing is organizing the eleventh of its 0 courses in Mathematics, Physics and Programming for new students.

There is also in the industrial school for students of different grades and in communications. Other “0 courses” are offered in tourism, communication sciences, economics, law, tourism, science, fine arts, or health sciences. In any case, they are free courses.

The College of Commerce and Administration, as a novelty, offers a transitional course to university life. Among other aspects, the way the academic courses are organized, the distribution of exams, the communication channels used, the platform on which the scores are published, the operation of the virtual campus in which the exams are hosted will be explained, the content of the subjects, the configuration of the email account, and the computer resources on which the exams are hosted. UMA makes available to students, student representative bodies, future training requirements or the possibility to take subjects abroad. This information will be supplemented with other information related to services offered by UMA, such as a student office, sports service, or library. Courses are from September 21 to 23, and those interested can register from September 1 to 9 through
the following link.

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