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University | For a great goal and VAR: Yo had everything to beat Goiás, he lacked strength but still lived for the Copa Sudamericana 2023 | Total Sports

chest and target. This is the goal that football fans dream of scoring in front of their own people, such was Apodi’s goal in the 89th minute that saw Universitario fall 1-0 on their visit to Goiás for the Copa Sudamericana.

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And not only on the field “U” suffered. As can be seen in the images from the stadium’s security camera, the creamy team tried to fight with the Brazilians and the police fired pepper spray in the dressing room area to separate the players, which directly affected the Peruvians.

According to Team Ate’s version, a Goiás player started throwing balls and bottles at Team U, causing a brawl in the tunnel. In light of this, the police went in to separate them, but misused pepper spray. In the footage, technician Jorge Fossati can be seen quickly leaving the area to avoid further gassing.

-the match-

The great goal was to punish a decent team that decided not to take risks against a rival who came with seven casualties from their debuts and that doesn’t happen at a good time in Brazil – they are 16th with seven points in seven vice dates. . ‘U”s sin and penance was the defeat that clinched Group G first place.

He went out with the Fossati gala, but this time the Valera-Herrera duo didn’t connect, Andy Polo didn’t get deep and Nelson Cabanillas wasn’t subtle. Despite their control of the ball and territory, they could cause minor damage despite the two goals disallowed by the VAR.

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Good football technique in Valera offside – limited before enabling Perez Guedes – and Di Benedetto after the ball in the area. But “U” didn’t do more in the attack to try to unbalance the account.

He didn’t call in the attack because Goyas made it right. The Brazilians started with a line of five, but in the second half they stopped with four behind and there they covered the teams better to prevent Polo and Cabanellas from being dangerous.

Creams cost that depth they used to. It was more than Calcaterra, but its influence was far from the region. Even the entry of Luis Oroti and Piero Quispe did not change history. The two players have not yet been able to regain the level they were in a few weeks before their injuries.

– To win in Santa Fe –

Lost “U” in Brazil, but “won” in Argentina. The victory in the gymnastic hour against Santa Fe allows Al-Karim to claim second place with seven points, three points behind the Colombians (4), the rivals they face on the next date.

In addition, two fencers for the Argentines and the Colombians were disqualified, among them Wilson Murillo, the Santa Fe figure, Juan Roa and coach Gerardo Bedoya also witnessed the red.

Next June 8th will be a duel, and for this ‘U’ will have to significantly improve its production outside of Lima. With Fossati, he has achieved 2 wins, 2 losses and a draw, since beating Al-Ulad and Municipal in the Peruvian capital, in the matches of the First League and the South American League.

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With Fossati’s visit Game Competition
Juliaca Bi-national 1-2 yo League 1
Cusco Garcilaso 0-0 Yo League 1
Buenos Aires, Argentina) Gymnastics 0-1 st South American
gear Municipality 1-2 st League 1
Lima – huge Boys 0-3 League 1
Solana (A) Athletic 3-1 St League 1
Goiania (Brazil) Goias 1-0 Yo South American

Thus, in Santa Fe (Bogota), the crema will play their fourth match in length this year. They have already done it in Juliaca and Cusco and this weekend they should play in Cajamarca for the local tournament. Hopes are there for Ate, but they must live up to it.