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United States: Biden will cut his best social plan to block his approval in Congress |  International

United States: Biden will cut his best social plan to block his approval in Congress | International

Joe Biden threw out pragmatism this Wednesday and pointed out that he plans to cut his best Social spending plan, A legislative assembly representing the largest expansion of the welfare state in half a century, to block congressional approval for at least some key areas of the plan. The President of the United States explained this new strategy during a long and rare press conference to mark his first anniversary this Thursday and his first year in office in the midst of a celebrity crisis.

“We can split the package, execute it as much as we can now, and fight back for the rest,” Biden said. Democrat Senator Joe Manzin has blocked approval of a baptized legislature. Create better again He disagreed on elements such as four weeks’ paid maternity leave, but the president is confident in his support for measures such as global public day care or environmental measures (already removed caffeine).

The 79-year-old president answered questions for nearly two hours during his second private press conference at the White House. He was clearly eager to speak and take the initiative in the story at the time of the accusation that he had promised more than he could and had encouraged the most ambitious set of laws for the weak majority Democrats. Congress. “This is a year of challenges, but also tremendous progress,” he stressed, although he acknowledged the “fatigue” and “frustration” of Americans with the epidemic.

Biden defended his first year at the White House, reviewing good progress of economic indicators regardless of inflation and legislative achievements such as the first major stimulus package or multi-millionaire. Infrastructure project, The biggest in decades. He blamed Republican siege for halting the rest of his political agenda, such as voting law or immigration reform. “I’m not sure of many things,” he said, “but it’s realistic.” “What do the Republicans mean? What do they want? What do you think about Ukraine? What is your agenda?” Raised that rhetorically, accusing them of having no other plan.

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Biden said the siege was due to coercion Donald Trump About his own party. “I’m talked to Republicans who agree with what I’m proposing, but they tell me they can not support it because they will lose primacy,” he said. “Have you ever imagined that a single man, outside the office, could intimidate an entire party?” He insisted.

When asked if he was trying to lead the country “left” by his policies, he replied: “No, I am not. Bernie Sanders, I am not a socialist, I am a democrat of the mainstream. He did not lie, the general current turned to the left. He said you need to make sure Americans have enough money to fight the epidemic and keep the economy afloat. In a gesture of strength, before criticism of his age or his political strength, he looked to the 2024 re-election and pointed out that Harris would be second in that race, thus emphasizing that he plans to run.

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Regarding the risks of inflation, he said it was “appropriate” for the Federal Reserve to reconsider its monetary policy to reduce inflation. It admitted some mistakes in managing the infection, such as the delay in launching a massive testing strategy.

It is stuck in Ukraine, the most immediate geopolitical danger. He warned that if Russia invaded the country it would be a “disaster”. “You have never seen obstacles like the one I promised would be imposed if you move,” he said, but he sent mixed signals about what he considered “moving”: “A little intrusion is one thing, we will end. Discusses.” [entre aliados] How to respond, but if they do what they can with a large force on the border, it will be a disaster for Russia. He said Putin wanted to intervene, and he doubted the purpose of the intervention.

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