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Union Eléctrica promised on Sunday that there would be no power outages in Cuba

Union Eléctrica promised on Sunday that there would be no power outages in Cuba

In encouraging news, Cuba’s National Electricity Service (SEN) reported that there was a Saturday without interruptions or outages in electrical service due to generation problems.

This information brings comfort to island residents, who often face challenges regarding the availability of electrical power.

According to the information provided by SEN, the electrical system situation for today, October 22, 2023, is expected to be stable and without significant problems. At 07:00, SEN network availability reached 2,450 MW, while demand reached 1,800 MW, representing a generation surplus that allows service to continue without interruption during daylight hours.

Although some units are out of service and others are undergoing maintenance, the generating capacity is sufficient to cover the expected demand.

Among the affected units are Unit 1 of the Santa Cruz Thermal Electric Power (CTE) plant, Unit 3 of the Cienfuegos CTE (in the commissioning process), Unit 5 of the Renté CTE and Unit 2 of the Felton CTE. In addition, Unit 5 of CTE Mariel and Unit 2 of CTE Santa Cruz are still under maintenance.

The Electricity Union maintains a reserve of 230 megawatts for peak hours, with estimated availability at 2,880 megawatts and maximum demand at 2,650 megawatts. This margin of safety will ensure that no impacts on electrical service are expected during peak consumption hours.

To further enhance power generation during the peak period, it was approved for the introduction of 170 MW into distributed generation through engines that were off their maintenance schedule, the integration of 130 MW from Unit 3 at CTE Cienfuegos and the entry of 8 engines at Melones Mobile. Generation with an additional capacity of 130 megawatts.

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Cubans hope that this trend will continue and that electrical service will continue to improve in the future.