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Unimagdalena hosted the Academic Committee for the Doctorate in Educational Sciences

Unimagdalena hosted the Academic Committee for the Doctorate in Educational Sciences

For the purposes of self-assessment for the Doctorate in Educational Sciences, the Magdalena University hosted the National Curriculum and Self-Assessment Committee, Rudecolombia, for two days, with the nine academic directors of the institutions that are part of the network.

The purpose of this committee was to advance the plan to improve and ensure the quality of the Doctorate in Educational Sciences, which will be submitted to the National Council for Accreditation, CNA, in order to comply with what was stated in Resolution 016903 of September 20, 2023, through which the Ministry of National Education granted the program accreditation. High quality.

This doctoral program is the only one in the country, which is offered within the framework of an academic network of nine universities, (Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, Universidad del Quindío, Universidad del Tolima, Universidad del Atlántico, Universidad de Cartagena, Universidad del Cauca). , Nariño University, Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia and Magdalena University),

“What we do here is a little analysis of what is happening within each university, as well as within the network, and each director goes to his university to implement specific strategies that allow him to maintain the quality of education that he provides.” “We provide for our students, and they graduate with the highest quality standards,” emphasized Consuelo Orozco Giraldo, National Academic Director of Rodicolombia.


Within the framework of this methodological meeting, the Faculty of Educational Sciences presented to the other Academic Directors of the Doctorate, University Resolution No. 190, according to which Professor Alexandre Ortiz Ocaña was appointed as the new Academic Director of the Doctorate in Educational Sciences at the University of Magdalena.

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Alexandre Ortiz Ocaña is a doctor of educational sciences, of Cuban nationality, but has lived in Colombia for more than two decades. Likewise, he is a full-time teacher at Unimagdalena and has also published more than 40 books related to education; He serves as Director of the GIEDU Research Group: Formative Epistemology and Decolonial Education (Category A in Colciencias).

Building on the 2020-2024 Government Plan for a More Inclusive and Innovative University, led by Rector Pablo Vera Salazar, the institution reaffirms its commitment to academic excellence and the comprehensive development of high-quality education.

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