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UManizales was able to host the 26th International Conference on Research in Management Sciences

UManizales was able to host the 26th International Conference on Research in Management Sciences

Last week, the University of Manizales in Mexico managed to become the venue for the 26th International Conference on Research in Management Sciences, under the title “Sustainability Challenges: Organizations”, which will take place from 25-28 April 2023.

The academic competition will be held for the first time in a country other than Mexico, led by the Faculty of Accounting, Economics and Management Sciences of the University of Manizales and the Academy of Management Sciences (Acacia, AC).

During the last session of the Academic Council and General Assembly of Acacia, in which more than 100 academics, mostly from Mexico, participated, UManizales was chosen as the venue for the conference, which also includes the 13th Doctoral Symposium and the 6th Meeting of Young Researchers People.

Hector Mauricio Serna Gómez, Director of Research and Graduate Studies at Umanizales, is the only foreign member of the Academy who represented the institution during the last council in which the place was decided. “It is with great pleasure that we host this event that brings together scholars from Latin America. As a faculty, we advance in management and demonstrate the significant achievements we have developed, not only in our academic programs, but also within our research groups in management and business,” explained the director.

During the four days, the goal is to bring together researchers, academics, students, and professionals from management sciences and related disciplines to reflect and propose practices, programs and policies that allow the creation of organizations that create value for sustainability and resilient territories.

“The main theme is sustainability in organizations, the thinking with which we can create conditions of change for the most important challenges facing humanity. Serna Gomez emphasized that in organizations we can design policies, programmes, practices and processes that reduce inequality and inequality.”

About Acacia

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The Academy seeks to contribute to social progress by promoting excellence in scientific research and professional practice for those who devote themselves to management disciplines and related fields, both in Mexico and internationally.

It is made up of professionals and academics from institutions of higher learning in Mexico, from Baja California to Yucatan, and from Latin American countries.