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Ukraine will continue to export grain despite Russia’s threats: “We are ready to face any danger”

Ukraine will continue to export grain despite Russia’s threats: “We are ready to face any danger”

A Ukrainian soldier in front of the grain silos in the Black Sea port of Odessa (Reuters)

Ukraine She confirmed her willingness to resume Grain exports in the Black Seain the face of Russia’s threats and the naval blockade it imposes on the region, and in the midst of the bombing of ports in the south of the country.

We are willing to take any riskUkrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said in an interview with the magazine timeAfter Russia refused to extend the agreement that allowed trade in the region for a year.

“I think that Our message to the world is simple: We don’t need RussiaNote.

The interview took place on Tuesday. Before Russia threatened to attack ships heading to Ukrainian ports, announcing that it would consider the possibility of ships carrying military cargo. This week, after announcing its decision to end the deal, the Kremlin bombed infrastructure in the Odessa region, where most commerce leaves.

Kuleba admitted on Tuesday that Ukraine’s decision to resume trade carries risks, such as a shipwreck “because of a Russian mine or a Russian missile”.

We do not want to endanger anyone’s life at our discretion. If they ask us, are they willing to give it a try? we. But we have to commit to others to reduce the risk.”

Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (Reuters)

Ukraine’s foreign minister made it clear that Russia has few incentives to return to the agreement, despite the international community’s call for cooperation against food insecurity. Wheat prices rose sharply on Wednesday after threats from Moscow.

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By terminating the grain agreement, Kill two rabbits with one stoneKuleba explained, noting that Russia is harming Ukraine and benefiting from higher prices for its own grain. Behind all this diplomatic smokescreen, The Russians are just trying to make more moneyHe confirmed.

In a measure similar to what was announced by Moscow, Ukraine on Thursday indicated that until Friday Any ship sailing in the Black Sea to Russian ports or occupied territories would be considered a potential “military ship”.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry warned in a statement that “all ships sailing in the waters of the Black Sea in the direction of Russian seaports and Ukrainian seaports located on territories temporarily occupied by Russia may be considered by Ukraine as transporting military goods with all associated risks.”

For its part, the United States warned, on Wednesday, that the Russian army is preparing for possible attacks on civilian cargo ships in the Black Sea. “Our information indicates that Russia has placed additional naval mines at the ports of Ukraine,” White House National Security Council spokesman Adam Hodge said in a statement. “We believe this is a concerted effort to justify any attacks on civilian ships in the Black Sea and to blame Ukraine for these attacks,” he added.

Since withdrawing from the Black Sea Agreement this week, Russia has already attacked Ukrainian grain export ports in Odessa with missiles and drones. The attacks destroyed about 60,000 tons of grain.

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