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UK plans to abolish mandatory fax

UK plans to abolish mandatory fax

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Not so long ago, fax (though you’ll know it better by its English abbreviation, “fax”), was the most efficient form of communication in the business world. It seemed like magic: someone presented a document signed in the Madrid apparatus and it appeared immediately in Tokyo.

In the absence of the Internet at that time, the fax was the currency of exchange for orders, contracts and all kinds of documents that had to be transmitted to the recipient without the need to use postal mail.

One might think that the facsimile is dead, but in reality no one has told him yet. There are no clear usage statistics, but there are millions of faxes scattered around the world waiting for a document to arrive. why not They completely disappear?

We’ll now delve into some of the cases where fax is still in its final labor, but closer than ever to receiving a final stitch, at least in the UK: telecom regulator Ofcom Opened a round of consultations With state operators to bury this steadfast deceased.

Simplicity, security and speed

As you know, legislation in some countries requires operators to keep the fax service active, which is a cost they have to incur by law and is clearly out of date. It is precisely this step by Ofcom that intends to permanently bury the fax, or at least commit to its maintenance.

The reasons for bringing this debate back to the table have not yet come to the table in that country, but everything seems to indicate that it is due to its residual and waning use. However, can we say she is dead at all?

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As we mentioned before, faxing is still very useful In some niche markets:

  • protection: Although a fax is difficult to believe, it is out of the interest of hackers for obvious reasons; This fact brought it back to the goal of those who want to ensure a secure point-to-point connection.

  • financial support In medicine and the legal field: in both hospitals and courts, many documents are transmitted that must be received immediately and for which a record must be kept. In this field, fax provides instant receipt and certainty.

  • Fax in e-mail: There are many services that offer the same fax mechanisms, but using Internet support; That is, you can send a fax from an iPhone or any other device regardless of whether there is a fax machine on the other end.

  • Old users: We will not deceive ourselves; There are many companies that are reluctant to change something that works well for them and does not cause them problems.

Rest in peace fax. Or maybe not…

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