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UCR General Medicine Student Gets Better Qualification in Clinical Domains Exam • Weekly University

UCR General Medicine Student Gets Better Qualification in Clinical Domains Exam • Weekly University

About David Villafranco, 23, who got 94 as a note. Among the 1,027 applicants from universities across the country, a total of 787 won them, representing a pass rate of 76.6%.

The best score on the Standardized Test of Basic Medical Knowledge (IFOM, for short in English) was achieved this year by 23-year-old University of Costa Rica (UCR) general medicine student David Villafranco, who awarded him the It Allows a secured place to spend the year The last of his career in the health institutions of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS).

“Since I took the exam on November 10, one wanted to know the score as quickly as possible so as not to be so anxious. Today I woke up early thinking that the results had already been published, I searched the file for my super neural identity, and when I saw the note I was so excited and proud of my test performance. “I feel like this effort has paid off,” Villafranco said.

The young man residing in Moravia, noted that the test is intense, because it evaluates all the contents of the general medicine they saw during the race; However, during preparation they got support from UCR.

“It takes a lot to study because of the amount of information being evaluated. There are 160 questions in 4 hours, which is very hard and tiring. (…). The medical school has provided us with students, regardless of the resources we study with, training sessions and mock questions similar to those appearing in the exam with specialists from each area. This enriches one as a student,” stated Villafranco, who in the future wishes to pursue a specialty in internal medicine, and a subspecialty in intensive care.

In total, UCR got a 99% promotion, because of 83 students who took the test, only one failed.

“It has been a fantastic team effort from all of the educators in the medical school, from all the innovation we’ve made and maintained quality,” said Lisbeth Salazar, director of the UCSD School of Medicine. Which confirmed that these good results came as a result of the investment of public funds by the institution.

These tests were conducted in November. From Of the 1,027 applicants, a total of 787 won, representing an approval rate of 76.6%.

In addition, 87 applicants earned the International Certificate of Knowledge in Basic Clinical Sciences for excellence in their degrees. It consists of 35 students from UCR, 35 from UCIMED, 8 from UNIBE, 5 from Universidad Hispanoamericana, 2 from Universidad Latina, and 2 from UACA.

For CENDEISSS Director Juan Carlos Esquivel, “Students’ success is important because IFOM is an internationally standardized and highly recognized test that strongly requires a measurement of knowledge in the core areas of general medicine.”

“We are very pleased that the pass rate is the highest in recent years and fortunately we have clinical areas for all the students who have passed,” Esquivel added.

In the previous year, due to the pandemic crisis, the test was not taken, which increased the number of students who applied it during 2021.

The 787 students who have passed the IFOM will enter their clinical fields in January.