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Two thirteen-year-old girls take gold and silver skateboarding and rock the world

Two thirteen-year-old girls take gold and silver skateboarding and rock the world

Imagine that you are 13 years old and making history by winning a medal in the first competition skiing feminine In some Olympic Games! This is what the Japanese did Momiji Nishiya And the Brazilian Risa Lil By winning gold and silver medals, respectively, in the manner Street.

In these Olympics, the United States, Brazil and Japan were the favourites Street style skateboarding for women, although surprisingly the United States was left off the podium, with the Japanese taking third place Funa Nakayama 16 years!

Photo: AFP

Skateboarding is one of the sports that made its debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, along with surfing, climbing, karate and baseball.

Ella es Momiji Nishiya

even if Momiji Not my favorite Japanese actress – it was Ori Nishimura – she managed to complete the tricks Street Flawless and take the gold. She skates because her older brother is her inspiration.

Momiji Nishiya He won the silver medal at the last Ski World Cup aged 14 on August 30.

Although she is fine, Nichia is not the youngest champion in Olympic history. According to Agence France-Presse, this record has been held since 1936 by American Marjorie Gestring, who crowned the dive at the age of 13 years and 267 days.

Hey Risa Lil

when Risa She was younger (she was 8 years old), and soon one of her videos went viral. She appeared in a princess blue dress and butterfly wings atop her skateboard doing impeccable tricks. She obviously stole everyone’s heart because how was this little girl so talented at skateboarding?

Well, yeah, that girl who rocked the world is now an Olympic medal winner.

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Risa also won a heart Tony Hawk, which is considered one of the pioneers skating, who became something like a mentor. He even accompanied her to these Olympics!

Come on, little girls, you’re changing the world of skateboarding!

He didn’t win a medal, but he won our hearts: Margeline Daedal

Dedal is 22 years old from Philippines and has stolen the day with his laid-back style, smile and good vibes. You can tell from the leagues that he was enjoying skateboarding, no matter the results!

“The moment you get on a skateboard, you don’t think about anything. You just want to skate. You want to enjoy it. The best way to escape your problems is by skateboarding,” he said. Margeline Didal In an interview with the media in 2020.

Just look at her happy face even as she fell:

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