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Audiencia televisiva de Premios Soberano 2021 baja a 10.45%

TV audience for Premios Soberano 2021 drops to 10.45%

The 2021 Soberano Awards, broadcast on Tuesday evening, by Color Vision 9 channel, reached an open television audience of 10.45%, while the pre-show had a rating of 5.85%, according to on-demand data provided by Nielsen Ibope Dominicana. From LISTÍN DIARIO.

This production of Hotel Jaragua has been placed next to those produced in 2004 and 2010 among the lowest recorded audiences in the history of the awards organized by the Association of Art Chroniclers (Acroarte), the Dominican National Brewery, and this year the Caribbean Media Group.

In this edition, the 36th place holder, Romeo Santos and Nene Cavaro, are given the corresponding Great Sovereignty for 2019 and 2020.

Rating (AMR) is a measure of television audience. “The number of people (expressed as a percentage or in absolute numbers) of a given population or target, tuned to a channel for each minute of a given time.”

In addition to the well-known challenges they have faced, this year, Tuesday night’s event organizers have been living raw as a determined production and have worked to achieve greater ratings, with a curfew in their favour that was for a large majority of Capitolans. and other governorates detained in their homes. However, they could not beat the previous editions.

For example 2019 delivery received a rating of 13.20, Beating what it was in 2018, which had an audience participation of 13.12. Both products were produced by Alberto Zayas, who first made them.

In the current 2021 release, the red carpet or pre-show has reached a rating of 5.85%. In 2019, it had a 7.8% audience rating, surpassing the previous year’s audience, which had a 5.9% rating.

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The Sovereign Awards has always been a show developed and designed exclusively for TV, being the medium that allows more people to enjoy a unique event, where a variety of attractions converge from the Carpet Roja broadcast, musical numbers, winners’ expectations and the work done by drivers and guests. Event night.

+ Highest rating achieved
Among the 36 awards issued through various broadband channels in the country, andHighest rating or audience was on Tuesday, March 13, 2012, Until now they were still called Cassandra Awards.

Produced by René Brea, the award was broadcast by Telemicro, Channel 5 and Telemicro Internacional and has ratings of 19.53%, with a 64.06% audience and a reach of 1,336,706 viewers.

As if this were a warning, Priya warned the press that she would take the award to the highest level and she did, because this rating has not yet been surpassed.

On that occasion, comedians Felipe Polanco Poroga and Coqueen Victoria hosted the party.

Celebrating the year 2015, It was also produced by René Brea and broadcast by Telemicro The second largest audience with 19.31 percent of ratings, with an audience rate of 60.23% and a reach of 1,373,642 viewers.

That year, the musical number starring Vickiana and Olga Lara emerged as one of the highest-rated segments.

That edition was held on Tuesday, April 14, 2015, from the Carlos Piantini room at the Eduardo Brito National Theatre.

From that year onwards, ratings continued to drop. In 2016, it was 14.72%, in 2017, it was 12.78%, in 2018 it was 13.12%, and in 2019 it was 13.20%.

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However, it is also worth noting that the audience in social networks has increased recently. There is no official data on this part. However, it is assumed that platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter added other audiences that were released as receivers or redeemed after the TV was left unlocked.

+ less audience
For 2010, the Cassandra Awards still stand, and this was the year when the awards recorded their lowest viewership rating since 2004, reaching 1.35 percent ratings, an audience share of 4.96 percent and reaching 958,284 viewers.

This version was broadcast by Teleantillas, Channel 2, and the artistic production was in charge of Edilienia Tactuk. It must be remembered that the concert was performed by Raymond Pozo and Miguel Cespedes.

Seven musical clips were presented on the night of March 16, including the union of comedians of different generations, Chichi Peralta, and a summary of several scenes from the nominated musicals that year.