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Tuca Ferretti was “tired” of watching commentators and football on TV at Mediutempo

What an atmosphere this afternoon at La Noria! A newsroom full of media to cover The Riccardo Ferretti Show Like DT from Cruz Azul. The conference started with A message from engineer Victor VelazquezChairman of the Management and Control Boards of Cooperativa La Cruz Azul, and between each interrogation The strategist was smiling and even joking on several occasions.

Tuca, tired of watching football on TV

The moment that had everyone present laughing was when DT revealed it after coming off the bench at FC Juárez last year. He devoted himself to watching football on TVa situation he was already tired of Listen to the narrators and commentators speak and open up With a few arguments.

“I learned that It’s an enormous roe You listen to a lot of people because they say it all. Then one removes the size“It’s completely different to watch a match on TV,” he joked. “TV shows you football by region.”

Tuca’s debut again?

Another of his jokes was when a reporter asked him about his debut with La Máquina, which Ferretti replied that it had already debuted And he even retired About 30 years agoWell, DT was talking about him when he was a player.

It was an interesting conference Tuca showed a different side What is known Like an angry tactician. Plus, he finally told the paparazzi about it I’m already tired of so many pictures in a good sense.