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Trump will have the last word in the election debate with Biden

Trump will have the last word in the election debate with Biden

Washington.- Former President of the United States and Republican Party candidate Donald Trump will have the last word at next week’s election debate in Atlanta (Georgia), current President Democrat Joe Biden announced this Thursday with the event’s organizer, the CNN network.

After a coin is tossed, campaign Biden He won the right to choose the podium position or sequence of closing statements in the debate, and he chose the first option.

Democrats asked their candidate to debate from the right side of the television screen, while his Republican opponent’s podium was on the left side.

The Trump campaign later requested that the former president deliver the closing statement of the debate, meaning Biden would finish his speech first. The June 27 debate on CNN is the first of two face-to-face televised meetings between Biden and Trump before the Nov. 5 election.

The debate will be held in Atlanta, last 90 minutes and will be moderated by CNN journalists Jake Tapper and Dana Bash.

There will be two commercial breaks during which campaign staff cannot communicate with their candidate.

Both the Biden and Trump teams agreed that the microphones would be off during the entire face-to-face session, except when the candidate was speaking. Contestants are not allowed stage props or pre-written notes, although they do get a pen, a notebook and a bottle of water.

Biden will spend the next few days training at the presidential residence at Camp David (Maryland) outside Washington. Trump, for his part, has been preparing for weeks in meetings with some senators and other politicians, such as the Republican vice president.

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This is the first time that a sitting president and a former president will meet face-to-face in an election debate. It’s not customary for the debate to be held in June before the two parties’ national conventions that make nominations official, but this year’s primary was settled in the spring.

ABC will host the second and final presidential debate in September. Televised presidential debates have been part of American tradition every election cycle since 1976.

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