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Trump proposes granting citizenship to foreign graduates

Trump proposes granting citizenship to foreign graduates

Washington, United States.- Former President Donald Trump suggested that America It should “automatically” grant permanent residency to foreign graduates from the nation’s universities as it seeks to retake the White House in the November presidential election.

“They should automatically get — as part of their degree — a ‘green card’ to stay in this country,” Trump said of “Green” in an interview with the “All-In” podcast released Thursday. card.” Also known as Permanent Residence Permit.

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When the Republican candidate was questioned about immigration restrictions, according to the interviewer, America’s competitiveness and its “ability to import (…) the best and brightest.”

Trump said he knows stories of people who have graduated from “the best” American universities and want to stay in the country.

“They had a business plan, an idea, and they can’t: They go back to India and China and become billionaires doing the same business in those countries, employing thousands and thousands of people. They could have done the same here,” he said.

Magnett’s statements come days after his Democratic rival, President Joe Biden, announced a similar move in contrast to his usual restrictive stance on immigration.

Biden said Tuesday that he wants to speed up the work visa process for certain immigrants who have earned a higher education diploma in the United States and have found employment in the country.

He also announced regularization measures that could benefit hundreds of thousands of people.