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Trips to Mars without returning to Earth?

Trips to Mars without returning to Earth?

It’s not accurate to say that Alyssa Carson, a 20-year-old American girl born in Hammond, Louisiana, is preparing to be the first human to go to Mars on a one-way mission, as NASA has not yet chosen or planned. for travel. in one direction.

With English-language posts shared thousands of times, social network users in the United States and media around the world have been exchanging messages that ensure Carson will “never be able to marry” or “have children”, choosing to be the “first” human on the surface. Mars and can never return to Earth.”

For example, Viral’s Facebook posts attribute the source to “CRAZY SCIENCE AND SPACE FACTS” and identify the young woman’s student journey at multiple space academies as first steps to reach the Red Planet.

Other publications also compare Carson with model Kendall Jenner and place her above celebs as the “real role that girls” of America should play, thanks to her dedication and academic achievements.

“He is now preparing to be the first human to travel to Mars. Have you heard of it? I think it is time to reconsider our ideals and aspirations as a society, don’t you think?”, they assert.

The truth is that NASA, while praising the enthusiasm of students like Carson, has emphasized that it does not have any kind of relationship with the young woman, and that it did not select the team for missions to Mars and that in the future, it hopes to return all the astronauts to the planet.

After consulting with Efe, a spokesperson for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) sent a letter confirming the entity: “NASA has many ways in which we interact with students to promote key missions and space exploration in general, and we love seeing students interested and excited.”

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“We do not have an official relationship with Ms. Carson,” the space agency said via email, however.

Although it is true that Carson, with a great ambition to reach space since the age of 3, as he admitted on his website, has participated in multiple space training and training programs, he still has to go through a process to be selected by the entity in their space missions.

“We are excited about plans for human exploration of the Moon and Mars. At this time, we have not yet made any crew assignments for the Artemis missions (on the natural moon) or Mars,” adds the letter from the space agency.

NASA has made it clear that it is also not true that it plans, as of now, for one-way flights to any destination in space and that it is always considering bringing its crew back to Earth.

“As we look forward to our next steps in deep space, including establishing a long-term presence on and around the Moon, as we prepare to send astronauts to explore the Red Planet, we will always carry our crew back home,” the entity closed.

Information is circulating that the young Alyssa Carson will be sent to Mars by NASA, on a one-way trip.

Mars has become an obsession for NASA. Since the Curiosity rover arrived on the planet in 2012 and Perseverance landed there last February, mysteries of place have become relevant to scientists, who with their state-of-the-art equipment have collected samples to identify possible organic matter and organisms. And cut off for their return to Earth in the future.

In fact, NASA researchers reported in May that there could be organic salts or carbon salts on the planet, which, if confirmed, would have implications for the planet’s past habitability, as it could have been formed through geological processes or remains. Ancient microbial life.

Experiments conducted by a team of scientists while analyzing data from one of Curiosity’s instruments “indirectly indicate the presence of organic salts,” according to a statement from NASA’s Propulsion Laboratory.

Next year, the European Space Agency’s ExoMars mission is set to arrive at Mars with the Rosalind Franklin rover, which is equipped to drill up to two meters and will carry an instrument to analyze the chemistry of those deeper layers.