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Treasury seizes cars of businessman and influencer Christian Agront

Treasury seizes cars of businessman and influencer Christian Agront

distance Department of Justice He filed charges of tax evasion against the businessman and influential Jorge Christian Batista AgronteAnd the Known on social media as Chris AgronteThe Department of Finance Two luxury cars and bank accounts were confiscated in the 32-year-old’s name on Thursday: a 2021 Mercedes-Benz G550 worth $239,884 and a 2020 Lamborghini Urus bus worth $349,599.

The Secretary of the Treasury, Francisco Paris Alesia, posted a photo on his Twitter account of one of the cars parked in front of the agency’s headquarters in Old San Juan, Making sure it is up to the management he directs to “respond to the digital age of emerging markets”.

“A group of Internal Revenue Agents and Collections Officials has completed the preventive seizure of two vehicles owned by Chris Agront and other personal property, with the aim of securing payment of the tax debt, due to the risk of squandering the assets. These collection actions take place at the same time that we recognize the right of the accused to defend his case under the administrative channels provided by the Treasury. I must note that Batista Agronte is cooperating in this process,” the secretary added in a press release.

According to the agency, the preventive seizure was made at the businessman’s home in Dorado, where Internal Revenue agents carried out an inventory and assessment of the various items that remained in the custody of the accused.

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“The accused will not be able to dispose of it as long as the preventive ban is in effect.”Paris warned Alicia.

The official explained that the preventive reservation order is “very broad” and includes, in addition to cars and physical furniture, bank accounts, accounts in brokerage houses, electronic payment companies, and others for events and ticket sales.

Batista Agronte accused Not reporting more than $11 million in income and not paying the Treasury about $7.6 million between 2017 and 2022.

The entrepreneur, a native of Ponce, built his fortune as an expert in the Forex exchange network and provides financial advice through his company JetTrades LLC.

According to Treasury and Justice investigations, Batista Agronte was not registered with the Unified Internal Revenue System (SURI) and the payments he received came from platforms such as PayPal, Evenbrite and Stripe.

“Here we are not criminalizing economic success, the question here is whether or not we comply with our tax liability.”Paris Alicia expressed yesterday at a press conference.

In addition, the official gave three weeks for Batista Agront clients who failed to comply with their tax liability to inform the Treasury’s Voluntary Disclosure Program.

Like Batista Agronte before the judge yesterday Raisa Cajigas Campbell of San Juan Court, who found cause for her arrest. The man was released after posting a $100,000 bond. He is liable to a penalty of three to eight years and a fine of up to 20,000.