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Tony Costa: Ala, Evelyn Beltran's new defender in front of her mother, Adamari Lopez |  US Celebrity nnda nnlt |  Fame

Tony Costa: Ala, Evelyn Beltran’s new defender in front of her mother, Adamari Lopez | US Celebrity nnda nnlt | Fame

to share In the second season of Keep giving what we’re talking about. Although he was heavily criticized on social networks for constantly talking about his ex-partner The Spanish dancer continues to do this, allowing all viewers to know the intimate details of what his relationship with the Puerto Rican actress was like.

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Weeks ago, Tony Costa told on Telemundo’s reality show how his daughter and girlfriend Evelyn Beltrán’s first closeness happened. The Zumba trainer also reported that the 7-year-old and her current partner had a phone conversation after the influencer gave the little girl a bunny toy.

Costa spoke on the subject again and shared some details of what happened after that first approach between the two. Alaa Al-Saghir came in defense of In front of his mother, Adamari Lopez. what happened? Here are the details.

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Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa have a joint daughter named Alaïa (Photo: Toni Costa / Instagram)

When Ala came out in defense of Evelyn Beltron before her own mother Adamare Lopez

According to People en Español, on Wednesday, May 1, Tony Costa opened up again with her buddies from “The House of Celebrities” and said that Evelyn made a good impression on her daughter, so much so that the girl spoke about her in a conversation with her mother, Adamari Lopez.

According to the Spanish dancer, Ala’s nanny told him that the little girl mentioned Evelyn Beltran in a conversation with her mother, Adamari Lopez. The minor praised her new friend, and even referred to her as “a very good human being.”

“Once in a conversation with the mother in the car, about which Ala’s nanny told me, she said that they were talking about a topic, and Ala said without further ado: “Yes, but Evelyn is good.” Then the mother says: “Yes, we do not talk about her, but yes Of course.” He says, “Yes, Mom, but you know?” Costa said, “She is just a very good friend of my dad, I assure you, Mom, she is very good, she is a very good person.”

“That 7-year-old girl who only spoke a little [con ella] He expresses himself like this and calls it that way, because my dad is very happy and he realized it,” added the Spanish dancer, who has exceeded two million followers on Instagram.

Adamari’s ex-boyfriend is convinced that the day his girlfriend Evelyn Beltran and Ala meet face to face, “they’ll click together.”

However, he understands that it is a process that has to go little by little. “There is no rush, things will go by themselves,” he said.

“I really wanted you to know there was someone out there in case I listened to what they were saying, in case I didn’t know what Sandarte said ‘Tony doesn’t deal with a girl when he’s a leader and he deals with a guy because maybe his girlfriend is; So I wanted my daughter to be prepared for that comment and that it’s not a mother’s job to explain anything to her because it’s not her job.”

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