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Today’s newspaper |  The new way Gmail scams use “verified” accounts

Today’s newspaper | The new way Gmail scams use “verified” accounts

Apple has announced the imminent arrival of the new iOS 17 on the iPhone. Some of the functions that this operating system will provide have already been available on Android phones for some time.

Source: Andro4All

in the last WWDC 2023 Days ago, Apple released it to the public All upcoming company news On different fronts, in both tools and software.

One of the announcements made by the company relates to the arrival of iOS 17, the new version of the iPhone operating system for mobile devices.

from the gate andro4all He was responsible for making a comparison and finding out 5 new features that iOS 17 will bring that were already present in Android.

1- Standby mode during wireless charging:

the mood “restIt will be activated on the iPhone When laid flat on a wireless charger And it will allow you to use it as an alarm clock or a digital photo frame.

This is a job It is already available on Google Pixel For a long time. By placing this type of mobile phone in a vertical position on the second generation wireless charging base, It will display a screen with a Google Photo Frame, a media player, and a shortcut to the Google Assistantamong other options.

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2- Download offline maps in Apple Maps:

The new version of iOS 17 will provide an option Download maps to consult them offline in Apple Mapsthe Maps app that includes the iPhone.

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This is the function of offline maps It has been in Google Maps since 2012just the year Apple Maps appeared on the iPhone.

3- Reveal scores in real time during calls:

Another novelty that comes with iOS 17 is “Direct Voicemail”function allows View voicemail transcripts of the call in real timewhich will help determine whether one is answering or not.

“call screen” is a job It has been in the Google Pixel since 2019 and does the same job. allow Google Assistant answers a call and asks the caller to identify themselves. Once done, it displays a transcript of your answer and one can decide to accept it or not.

4- Voice and video messages on FaceTime:

In iOS 17, when you place a call to a contact through confrontation time This is not available One will be able to leave an audio or video message Indicating the reason for the call.

This is a job It was already in the missing Google Duo from 2018since Google’s old video calling app He is allowed to leave 30-second video messages if no one replies for a video call.

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5- A new “shortcut” for invoking Siri:

With the new version of iOS, you can Activate the smart voice assistant simply by saying “Siri” instead of “Hey Siri,” plus there’s an option Order several things in a row without having to contact him again.

Like the previous one, these posts They’ve already been in Google Assistant for 4 years. In fact, Google allows Create quick phrases with the commands you use the most To avoid saying “OK Google” every time.

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