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Toblerone chocolate will no longer be able to use the iconic image of the Matterhorn in its logo

A tourist takes a picture of Mount Cervino near Toblerone (Reuters)

The image of Mount Cervino will soon disappear from the packaging of chocolate bars Toblerone Because the American owner The brand moves part of the production outside of Switzerland.

Swiss newspaper Arguer Zeitung Reported that Mondelez International, which produces the triangular candies, is changing the mountain design shown on the cardboard packaging to Do not violate Swiss law.

Mondelez revealed last year that it plans to move part of its Toblerone production to the Slovakian capital, Bratislava. The company changes the packaging design to represent a More general mount instead of the famous MathhornThe newspaper reported.

The mountain on the famous chocolate packages (Reuters)

“The packaging redesign presents a streamlined and modern mountain logo that goes with the geometric and triangular aesthetic,” said a Mondelez spokesperson. Arguer Zeitung. Toblerone packaging text will now read “Made in Switzerland”, instead of “From Switzerland”.

Under Swiss law, passed in 2017, national symbols and Swiss crosses are not allowed on product packaging containing It does not meet Swiss standards.

The law states that food products that use Swiss national symbols or that claim to be “Made in Switzerland” must contain at least 80% The raw materials of the product come from Switzerland and 100% of the milk and dairy products. The groundwork for producing a Swiss Made product must also be done in Switzerland. There are exceptions for raw materials not found in Switzerland, such as cocoa.

Mondelez owns the trademark (Reuters)

Last year, the company announced that Toblerone would no longer only be made in Switzerland, which means the product can no longer be described as “Swiss milk chocolate.”

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Toblerone was produced more than a century ago Byrnethe capital of Switzerland, and from there it is distributed all over the world, but soon it will also have a production plant in Bratislava, the Slovakian capital.

Mondelez has confirmed that it will retain its factory Byrneas it has made significant investments in the past five years and is planning additional investments to increase the production capacity of chocolate and nougat mass, according to the Swiss press.

cousins Theodor Tobler and Emil Baumann They were the inventors 1908 del Toblerone, a name that combines the surname of the former and “torrone,” as Italian honey and almond nougat are called.

With them 4,478 metresMatterhorn is 12 highest mountain in Europe And its beak appears on the brand’s packaging, highlighting its Swiss ownership.

(with information from EFE)

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