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TikTok: The medical student showed how his handwriting changed as he progressed in his career (video) |  Pop culture entertainment

TikTok: The medical student showed how his handwriting changed as he progressed in his career (video) | Pop culture entertainment

Like Sherlyn, a young woman who is currently studying medicine and has noticed how much her handwriting has changed over the years as her career progresses.

The student quickly spreads out to show him how his handwriting changed in college

There is a common belief that doctors have illegible and somewhat strange handwriting that only doctors can understand, and thanks to a video of a young woman this is confirmed.

In his tiktok titled “Very Nice Calligraphy,” he shared a series of photos where you can see his strokes on papers in his early college years, even giving an elegant touch to his notes.

“What has medicine done with my words?” Was the text accompanying his video.

Later, to the beat of the song ‘The Smallest Violin in the World’, the young woman begins to change the images of her tones that clearly show a drastic shift, going from being legible, to unstructured and extremely difficult to decipher. What she said .. in front of the eyes of others.

The comments were full of jokes for a radical change of words

The video, which was published on September 11, quickly gained popularity and was viewed by more than 1.2 million people. For his part, the comments section was also filled with jokes from netizens, who said that they finally understood why doctors had such a unique way of writing.

“This process is called “paracetamol,” “it seems to be a rule that all doctors write ugly, and now everything makes sense,” “I have always thought that incomprehensible writing is a separate topic,” “I only understood that it says “paracetamol” in All papers”, or “So was my message without studying medicine, I can’t imagine what it would be like when I became a doctor”, read the comments.

“You have to write notes quickly and there is no time to make them look pretty,” “It’s that the slides go by as if they were Instagram stories, one has to adapt,” “A doctor told me the letter deteriorates like that because they have to shoot fast,” or “Before That aesthetics is important, then not anymore and you focus on information,” were the explanations of other users of the social network.

Finally, others have pointed out that Sherlyn’s streak was very nice before applying to her bachelor’s degree, and expressed that she should try to improve it in the future, but she hasn’t replied yet if she would.

Do you know someone whose handwriting was radically changed by the university? Tell us in the comments.

Below you can watch the full video that went viral on TikTok: