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Miles de internautas firman una petición para "impedir" que Jeff Bezos regrese a la Tierra tras su viaje al espacio

Thousands of netizens sign a petition to “prevent” Jeff Bezos from returning to Earth after his journey into space


June 16, 2021 01:09 GMT

In the application made as a joke, they compared the billionaire to comic book villain Lex Luthor, accusing him of trying to take over the world.

A strange online petition has received thousands of signatures in support since its inception, for are trying The return to Earth of American businessman Jeff Bezos, who in a few days will travel to space aboard the first manned flight of the New Shepard, the rocket made by Bezos’ own space company, Blue Origin.

“Jeff Bezos is actually Lex Luthor, disguised as the supposed owner of a very successful online retail store. However, he is actually an evil man bent on world domination. We’ve known this for years.” petition, through the Change.org portal.

The order was made as a joke by Jose Ortiz, who has so far received more than 8,000 companies Of the 10,000 people he hopes to collect, the Amazon owner is accused of having “worked with the Epsteins and Knights Templar, as well as with the Free Masons, to take control” of the world.

The billionaire will travel on June 20 with his brother Mark and two companions, one of them Pay 28 million Dollars at auction for a seat in the New Shepherd. I know Expectations The trip takes about 10 minutes, and for a moment, the passengers will experience weightlessness before the ship returns to our planet.

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