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Those who interfered with Rodolfo Hernandez's interview with Telemundo will not be part of his team.

Those who interfered with Rodolfo Hernandez’s interview with Telemundo will not be part of his team.

The campaign of presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez released a press release this Friday, June 10, in which he referred to the controversy created by the sudden interruption of an interview with the former mayor of Bukharamanga Network. TelemundoDuring his visit to Miami, USA.

The interruption occurred when journalist Rogelio Mora questioned the candidate about the vitiligo case being charged by the Attorney General’s Office. “One of the slogans of the anti-corruption campaign, but you are facing the judicial process that starts on July 21 for improper contracts. Can you tell us about it, please? “ The journalist pointed out A few seconds before the two men, including a woman, appeared, he pointed out that time had passed and asked them to finish the interview.

Facing criticism, Hernandez’s campaign claimed that those who stopped the conversation were not members of the communications committee or advisers to the candidate.

“The man who interrupted the interview of journalist Rogelio Mora-Degel from Notice Telemundo He is not a member of his advisory board or a member of the campaign, ”the statement said.

The campaign also mentioned “incidents” during a candidate’s press conference in Miami, which they promised were “carried out by those who were not part of it.”

The statement added that there was no international coordinator for Hernandez’s campaign or “any official spokesman representing the candidate outside Colombia.” Similarly, they promise that the two will “make accusations that do not apply to them.”

“Alfred Santamaria and Tatiana Janer claim positions and activities that do not apply to them. There is no press officer in Miami. Hernandez’s team insisted.

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Hernandez was able to respond

Despite the interruption, the former mayor of Bukaramanga was able to answer the question. “Look, Rogelio, they not only put one in me, they put 200 processes in me (…) When what I have done is serving you, you cannot pretend to ask that question in order to humiliate me. I have a pure soul, I never stole a peso, I never stole it, I never stole it. Said the presidential candidate.

From journalist Telemundo He also mentioned what happened with Hernandez. “The most important thing about the interruption during the interview: the candidate was always ready to respond, in fact he responded when he was interrupted, he never regretted or was rude to me”, “he said. The spokesman wrote on his official Twitter account.

Hernandez had time to give an interview to Peruvian Jaime Bailey, in which he answered a number of questions. One of them, presidential possession. The engineer has said on several occasions that he would not take office in Bogot if he reached Gaza de Narino and would do so in one of the least resourced cities in Colombia.

With this in mind, Bailey asked him: “If you win, will you call Nicolas Maduro?” Hernandez was blunt in his response. “No, I’m not going to call anyone.” Peruvian was surprised and said he was not going to call him either. The engineer replied with a smile. “Yes to you.”

Bailey clarified that the ticket would be given to go according to the candidate’s austerity.

“All the social expressions of the majority are hypocritical. So 1,500 people come to me and you have to give them whiskey, caviar to them and a little attention. Its worth $ 600,000 that day and for what? A lot of lizard people go there, they don’t support anything, they only go there to maintain or enhance offers. Hernandez argued about his plan to acquire a possession at no extra cost.

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During the discussion on various election campaign issues, The journalist praised the former mayor of Bukaramanga, calling him a “winner” and a “successful man”. “It is rare to see a successful politician who comes from a private business. So he did not come to politics to prosper, he came to serve, ”he said on a program aired on the mega TV channel.