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This is what WhatsApp will be called after changing the name of Facebook

This is what WhatsApp will be called after changing the name of Facebook

They recently released what will be called The WhatsApp After changing the name Facebook social networking site It seems that many things in the online world will change a lot over the years.

Because of changing the name of Facebook to “deadDoubts have arisen over what name WhatsApp will be called, and that details of the company’s former instant messaging app have been shared, so they guarantee the change will be reversed.

Which is that the app reshapes the home screen, the current message of “WhatsApp from Facebook” is meaningless, as it was added to highlight the social media company, so now they will modify that message.

In the same way, you can see the icon “Instagram from Meta”, the name of which has been revealed in recent days.

It should be noted that the company has announced new changes, as it is working to make the concept of the metaverse a reality, a situation that caused various reactions from users due to the sudden change of the famous social networking company.

They also announced that when you open the messaging app, the “WhatsApp from Meta” logo will appear.

On the other hand, this new version will be available in the beta program of the app in Google Play for Android, although its real usefulness is scarce, so it will be active for all users soon.

For his part, application manager Will Cathcart commented that they are in the process of adopting the new name, as it will be useful for differences when the application interacts with the social network Facebook.

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It is worth noting that after the name change was revealed, Mark Zuckerberg was criticized on social media.

It was last Thursday, October 28, when Zuckerberg announced that the company would be renamed Meta because it had presented the virtual reality project, as it wanted Meta to allocate a large part of its investment in the coming years.

Although the name change will only affect the umbrella company for all apps, so the social network will continue with the same name, the change will have no effect on most users.

However, Facebook’s name change will be reflected in the New York Stock Exchange from December 1.