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This is what Jose Ramon Fernandez looked like 50 years ago, when he started his career as a journalist

This is what Jose Ramon Fernandez looked like 50 years ago, when he started his career as a journalist

Throughout his journalistic career, Jose Ramon Fernandez He has been involved in many controversies, based on his own critical style and revelations regarding Mexican sports.

The recent revelation of the journalist from Puebla hinted at the truth of this Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez He would have been banned from the national team and would not go to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Because he brought two prostitutes to Tri Center.

“Tata literally confessed to us,” said Josera, as he is colloquially known, “He took two prostitutes on a trip to New York,” During an interview with Proceso magazine.

Poblano who made school

Jose Ramon Fernandez Alvarez entered the school. His way of practicing sports and television journalism earned him union fame.

His style made his mark in the field of communication in Mexico, first by coaching several sports commentators who would later return to their own programs.

After José Ramón Fernández Alvarez tried to get into professional football without the success he wanted, he chose to continue his academic training with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the distinguished Autonomous University of Puebla.

Once he graduated from BUAP, he had the opportunity to work for a local television channel in 1970, which was owned by Independent Television of Mexico (TIM).

In 1972, Telesistema Mexicano (today Televisa) merged with TIM and José Ramón Fernández became part of the television station’s team for six months.

In August 1973, Luis de Lanno Sr. invited him to join Channel 13, through Carlos Alazrachi, who served as production manager. The suggestion was to make a sports program.

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Jose Ramon Fernandez accepted the show, and thus DeporTV was born: El Ancho Mundo del Deporte, the oldest sports program on Mexican television, with more than 40 years of validity, although without Jose Ramon as host.

Los Protagonistas and En Caliente were other programs that José Ramón Fernandez successfully piloted on Imevisión, and later on Televisión Azteca.

More than 50 years of experience

José Ramon Fernandez has more than half a century of journalistic experience. He covered the World Cup finals in Argentina 1978, Spain 1982, Mexico 1986, Italy 1990, USA 1994, France 1998, Korea and Japan 2002, Germany 2006, South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014, and Russia 2018. Qatar 2022 will soon be added to this list.


The famous journalist, born in Puebla, posted on his social networks some photos in which he shares important moments of his career.

One of these photos is that of his first media accreditation, which is dated July 1, 1972, 50 years ago.