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Video de una supuesta bruja en Cali

This is what is known as the viral video of a mysterious character that frightens the residents of a neighborhood in Cali

A video has gone viral recently showing a group of people being surprised The supposed appearance of “The Witch” On a rooftop Los Comuneros II in Cali, Colombia.

The video was recorded from a second level and appears A strange black silhouette hovering on a neighborhood rooftopwhich made the neighbors come closer to see what it was.

“She’s a witch!” This is what you hear Whoever records the video, while the neighbors begin to gather to learn more about the strange silhouette.

Some try to climb to the surface but they can’t, Others throw sticks at the mysterious figure Others record the entire event.

Suddenly a loud noise was heard and The “witch” disappears from the surface. “It was lost, it was lost,” says the person recording.

at that moment The strange shape appears as it moves on the rooftops of housesprompting the neighbors to follow her and express surprise and fear.

Due to the quality of the video, The black silhouette is hard to recognize Which frightened the villagers.

It’s real?

The video caused quite a stir among users on social networks, who are trying to find out if the footage is a “real” paranormal event or if it is a montage.

the middle Turbaku News Ensures that the truth It was a joke by a popular content creator In Cali, whose identity remains unknown and who asked people to prepare for a show.

Some people here knew they were going to record a video and were ready to do the showconfirms the mediator.

similarly, Several comments from netizens denied this factAssuming it was a montage.

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Why do phones always have poor video quality when these things happen?“”, “The police arrived and started laughing, that’s wrong” and “It’s set up, everything is ready” were some of the user comments.