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This is what Gaby Spanic looks like after plastic surgery |  News from Mexico

This is what Gaby Spanic looks like after plastic surgery | News from Mexico

Mexico City: To conclude the year with an achievement in his personal life, Gaby Spanic underwent a series of aesthetic treatments who promised to improve her character and feel more self-confidence, a goal It seems to have met your expectations.

This is what the actress showed after Sharing process results and progress Through a funny video, she appeared in a black dress which is very close to her body and shows how her curves look now.

It should be remembered that a little over a month ago the star of various series admitted that she would go through some “aesthetic repairs” when entering the operating room to perform various procedures, such as Body sculpting, buttocks tightening and skin tightening.

And just a few days ago Spanic uploaded a video showing the results Of those surgeries she had to go through to get the physical image she wanted, but what surprised her thousands of fans the most was that the celebrity was seen perfectly happy and beautiful.

A happy clip uploaded from the account of plastic surgeon Dr. Luis Attilio Gil Perez, where Gabriella Helena Spanic Otrera, the full name of the celebrity, styled in front of the mirror with Tight dress accentuates her silhouette, which shows that he looks better than ever when he turns 48.

42 days of evolution and see what it looks like. The beautiful gabyspanictv sent us a video showing her recovery and how her results are going. Looks amazing,” the description reads along with several emojis.

Among the comments, the most prominent of those users who applauded Gabe Spanik For daring to perform surgeries, because They said it was worth it And that he looked amazing, in addition to congratulating the specialist with these procedures for the wonderful work he did.

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“You look beautiful, great work doctor”, “You are beautiful”, “Beautiful as usual”, “Beautiful, Dr. Luigi left her holy”, “Unbelievable work! Gabe you are more beautiful than ever. Queen Queen were just some of the actress fan phrases Venezuelan.

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