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correos informa sobre cargas atrasadas de panama

This is the reason for the delay of loads from Panama

On the official website of the Cuban Post Office, Status of delayed shipments from Panama.

There have been many complaints and concerns received by Correos de Cuba Business Group (GECC), regarding the delay in the processing and delivery of parcels of ten containers from Panama to Cuba by Xpress Multiservices SA.

On this topic, the Cuban Post Office spoke on Monday and explained why Breach by Xpress Multiservices SA As specified in the contract with GECC’s international messaging and exchange company.

Despite the aforementioned non-compliance, negotiations were conducted by International Messaging and Exchange Company (EMCI) and Xpress Multiservices SA to resolve this matter, which actually ended with the latter entity’s obligation to comply with the service contract.

memo reports Xpress Multiservices SA begins processing overdue loads for delivery to intended recipients In Cuba, in the next few days.

It has been clarified that International Mail Exchange and Messaging is not responsible for what happened, but is apologizing to customers for the implications.

Correos de Cuba has also made several channels available to people through which they can request information and clarify doubts on these topics:

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